Java Developers Salary For Freshers
Freshers Salary

Java Developers Salary For Freshers

Are you curious about how Twitter, Spotify, Opera and many other applications work? Have you ever wondered how we can get the information about the music we listen to? All the show and the persons working behind is the Java developers. Java is currently the most prominent language in the entire software world and can be considered a good career prospect for freshers. The persons who work on JAVA are called JAVA developers. They are the one who designs and also develop applications and games based on the JAVA computing language. Let us find out more about the JAVA Developers and find answers about the JAVA developer salary for freshers and its variations and know if JAVA developer is a good career option. 

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Let us know What JAVA is?

  • JAVA is an object-oriented, general-purpose programming language which involves the JAVA Virtual Machine. 
  • It may be accessed for free and works with all platforms.
  • JAVA is also a computing platform for the development of applications.

Is Java development a promising career for freshers?

  • The Blooming of every fresher’s career is dependent on the person’s ability to know the requirements and the skills needed for a job. 
  • So, being a JAVA Developer can be a very demanding career in the IT industry these days with a great java programmer salary across the country.
  • Once you graduate with a degree or diploma, you can start working for software organizations worldwide. 
  • The main work of a JAVA Developer is to look after the development, run and test the applications and implement it on time. 
  • The process of creating the application is time-consuming and seldom simple. 

Job Opportunities for a Java developer

  • JAVA has always started a new era for the IT Industry. 
  • Most of the services are evolved using JAVA. 
  • Java developer has a significant role in changing the IT industry. 
  • JAVA is influenced by Android’s mobility to Hadoop and has a developing future. 
  • Android has the most involved use of JAVA. 
  • Android can be considered as a career way for JAVA developers. 
  • It is well and good to know about other technologies for Java-related jobs like Android Developers, and organizations looking for people who can manage projects like in J2EE. 
  • Henceforth a fresher can be well versed in Android development by Joining the Android Training in Chennai to become an embedded Java Developer and get a very well-paid junior java developer salary.

One should know the technologies below to get a career in the JAVA domain

  • Core Java: The basic object oriented Programming, Hibernate, JSF, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, EJB, RMI, RDBMS.

The above-cited are some of the technical abilities to be mentioned in your resume before you search for a career in the domain of JAVA. You are familiar with the aforementioned methods if you already work as a JAVA developer. The following job roles can be taken into consideration as a career path for Java developers. 

  • Application Developer 
  • Web Developer
  • EJB Developer
  • Developer of software
  • Tester
  • A Trainer in JAVA.

These are some of the career roles you can expect in JAVA with a good java developer salary for freshers.

Let us know the details about the Java developer salaries in India for freshers.

JAVA Developer Salary

  • Developers in JAVA are in high requirement and demand because it is supposed to be an independency platform.
  • This means that JAVA developers can transitionally perform from one system to another. 
  • This is the most widely used language in IT corporations. 
  • When salary is concerned, JAVA developers are compensated very highly. 
  • Since the firms are continuously in the process of looking for the JAVA Developers, as a command on a premium java developer salary for freshers in India, demand for JAVA Developers is very constantly high. This is why the salary of Java developers is effectively high. 

As per the Current salary trends, The salary for JAVA Developers has many variations and influencing factors. Freshers, you can see all the factors influencing the salaries of JAVA Developers and how it is changing.


A Java Developer’s salary is found and paid as per the ability to generate the codes, program, and build great server applications. The fundamentals or the basics are trained for the freshers. You can enrol in JAVA Training, wherein you can work on real-time projects to develop your skills. However, to obtain your experience, you must work very hard. So let us see how the salary of a JAVA Developer varies as per the experience.

  • The entry-level JAVA Developer salary for freshers is 2.7 LPA.
  • The mid-level JAVA developer gets a salary of 4.10 LPA.
  • The senior-level JAVA Developer gets a salary of 10 LPA.


The java developer salary varies as per the place you have joined. Huge establishments in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi and Ahmedabad recruit more JAVA Developers. The industry’s most competitive environment and presence ensure that these cities are the best apt locations for the techies. Recent graduates who decide to migrate to these places expect plenty of work opportunities for them, for example, as Java developers or Python developers are possibly increasing and establishing an environment suitable for new engineers.

Here is the list of salaries of a Java Developer as per location

  • The JAVA Developer’s salary in Bangalore gets 3.75 LPA.
  • In Kolkata, A JAVA Developer is earning around 3.5 LPA
  • The JAVA Developer working in Hyderabad receives a salary of 3.12 LPA.
  • The salary of a JAVA Developer is approximately 3.13 LPA in Pune
  • The Delhi JAVA Developer is paid a salary of 2.85 LPA.
  • The JAVA Developer gets a salary of 2.4 LPA in Mumbai.


The organisation that hires the JAVA developers is an important factor in the salary package. As a result, if you start off working at Google, you may anticipate earning more money than you would at a mid-cap company. Here is the rundown of the companies paying excellent java programmers salary.

  • TATA Consultancy Services: 3.5 LPA
  • Capgemini:3.75 LPA
  • Infosys:3.2 LPA
  • Cognizant:2.95 LPA
  • HCL:3.2 LPA
  • Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp: 4 LPA
  • Accenture: 3.75 LPA
  • IBM: 3.25 LPA

Job Roles

Many job roles are working under JAVA. The demand for these job roles has increased and is in high demand these days. we shall see the different job roles and the java developer salary for freshers below

  • Web Developer: 2.61 LPA
  • Application Developer: 2.76 LPA
  • EJB Programmer: 3 LPA
  • Software Developer: 2.77 LPA
  • Tester: 2.5 LPA
  • Full-stack developer: 3.7 LPA

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Skills Set

Java programmers must stay up to date on industry changes. This is true because their skill level significantly impacts your salary. Java developers most frequently utilize the three abilities: SQL, JavaScript, and Spring.

Java developers are paid the highest for their knowledge of Scala. Professionals that possess this competency to earn 64% more than those in the industry as a whole. Having the following extra talents as a Java developer will help you make a lot more money:

  • Node.js : 3 LPA
  • Angular JS: 4 LPA
  • Software Development: 3 LPA
  • XML Web services: 3.25 LPA

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Let us see what are the skills required to become a Proficient JAVA Developer 

Even though being a Java developer is exciting, businesses value competent individuals who can work independently and in teams are hired. To succeed in your profession as a Java developer and receive the highest Java programmer salary in India, you must uphold the following skills.

  • Being analytically minded and having problem-solving abilities.
  • Practical knowledge of version control systems, including Git.
  • Algorithms and data structures.
  • Understanding of intuitive web services and database structure.
  • Collaboration, perseverance, and other soft skills.
  • Because it aids candidates in understanding Object-Oriented Programming concepts, employers favour candidates who have familiarity with JavaScript.

Roles and responsibilities of a JAVA Developer

  • Planning, creating, and managing Java-based applications with large volume and low latency capabilities is essential.
  • Analyze user requirements to establish firm goals.
  • Imagining the system’s features and capabilities.
  • Define the application’s features and aims.
  • Verify that application designs follow company goals.
  • Develop and test software.
  • Locate and resolve any emerging technical issues.
  • Create thorough design documentation.
  • Make technical specifications for the development of apps.
  • Construct multimedia programmes.
  • When developing, testing, and debugging software, write testable, well-designed code.
  • In charge of Java and Java EE application development.


Java developers earn one of the highest salaries in the IT sector. This demonstrates how in-demand this industry is. Additionally, you can quickly boost your pay in this industry by developing in-demand skills.

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