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Graphic Designer salary for Freshers

Are you trying to find a brand-new, exciting job? Desire a career as a graphic designer? If so, you can find what the graphic design field offers interesting.

However, you must have a good understanding of the field to pursue a profession as a graphic designer in the future. Here are some fascinating details regarding the realm of graphic design that you should be aware of. To succeed as a graphic designer in the future, you must first have a solid understanding of the field. Therefore, continue reading to learn how to pursue a career as a graphic designer with a high Graphic Designer Salary.

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Why do freshers choose Graphic design Careers?

The field of graphic design has developed over time into a powerhouse that many people would like to work in. You must carefully evaluate the factors driving the design industry and what makes it worthwhile before deciding to enter the area. But why pick graphic design over other professions? Here are a few arguments favour graphic design, and explain why it can be the right profession for you.

Continuous learning

The benefit of working in the graphic design field is that learning never stops. Professional graphic designers have highlighted their ongoing education as a vital asset. Professionals can learn new ideas, methods, and techniques, allowing them to utilise their artistic gifts fully.

Make income for your creativity

The only creatives who receive higher salary are artists and graphic designers. This implies that graphic artists get high Graphic Designer Salary In India for pursuing their passion and creative potential. Graphic designers that work professionally get to enjoy using their creativity, which in turn satisfies your desire.

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It is gratifying

Compared to other professions in the same grade, the graphic design offers tremendous financial benefits. Professionals are given the freedom to explore intriguing employment alternatives. 

Operate in a dynamic industry

As a graphic designer, you can count on working in a constantly changing industry where you may pick up new skills daily. Since the industry is continually evolving and expanding, graphic designers have the opportunity to undergo radical reinventions that shape their professions.

High demand

The demand for professionals in the sector is undoubtedly considerable in the graphic design industry. The necessity for websites, digital billboards, and social media platforms has changed the industry. The ability to investigate the digital platform and provide clients with solutions is a strength of graphic designers to earn a high Graphic Designer Salary For Freshers.

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What are the Opportunites for people in Graphic design?

The primary graphic design services are listed below, which gives people in the graphic design sector more opportunities.

Brand Design 

Business owners require a qualified graphic designer to build their brand design, whether it’s for a large or small business.

Businesses can build brand awareness with the assistance of a top branding firm with talented graphic designers. They employ a uniform colour scheme, font, and other visual elements like logos that may be utilised as any of the brand’s visual assets.

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Advertising Design

This presents another chance in the field of graphic design to earn a splendid Graphic Designer Fresher Salary In India. For a marketing effort to be successful, it is crucial to produce eye-catching graphic designs.

Graphic design services are necessary for conventional and contemporary digital marketing techniques like social media marketing.

The posts in social media marketing can reach more prospective customers. To boost brand identification, social media post designs must correspond to the brand design.

Website Design 

A web designer must produce eye-catching designs for the website before a web developer begins work on the project. There are positions in this industry for graphic designers with experience providing the best web design services.

Website designs, however, necessitate a particular level of technical expertise regarding websites, unlike other design options, because designers should consider user-friendliness, SEO ranking of the page, and other factors in addition to aesthetics while creating a website.

Packaging Design

Products with distinctive packaging stand out from the competitors. For this reason, most business owners strive to create unique product packaging for their firms.

These kinds of projects boost the graphic design industry’s potential and expand the job options for talented designers to earn a good Graphic Designer Salary.

Let us know what Graphic Design is

Graphic design involves planning and making images to convey ideas and messages. You can find graphic design everywhere, from advertisements to mobile apps. By using different elements and principles, these designs can change how we see and feel about things.

Graphic Design is one of the ways to connect organisations and customers. Visual design can be used to promote their business, sell products, convert messages, and build a brand identity.

Who is a Graphic Designer?

Graphic designers or visual communicators create the concepts using any graphic design software, or even the design is done by hand. Graphic designers communicate their ideas through visuals that include images, expressive words or graphical pictures. Regular contact with the clients and customers ensures that they meet the desired messages and the practical express information that the organisations put forward.

With a degree in graphic design, you have many career options to earn good Graphic Designer Fresher Salary In India. Numerous business types require a graphic designer. Graphic design offers you a variety of chances in marketing and advertising. Creating company logos and other branding materials will fall under your purview. It will take a little while for you to fit in if you are intelligent and have the necessary abilities. Work is exciting and challenging. Even though there are numerous benefits to becoming a graphic designer, one of the biggest ones is the variety of alternatives it provides. You are very excited and challenged by the task you are doing. You will be given exciting tasks to do.

Why do freshers require Graphic design Certifications?

Acquiring a Graphic Design course certification can boost your knowledge of the latest graphics design concepts and also helps in advancing your career and getting a Graphic Designer Salary For Freshers. You can mention the credentials earned in your resume to show your proficiency to the recruiters if you are fresher. You can even get Graphic Design course certifications from the best training institutes.

  • As said above, the Graphic Design course can easily benefit your career as it is the one way to present yourself as a full-fledged graphic designer.
  • The Certifications also provide you with documentation like a licence to start your career in the design field as a Design Engineer.
  • There are a lot of self-taught designers working in the design world today, but qualifications can help you stand out, especially if an employer has a lot of applications to look through.
  • You can also work as a freelance graphic designer and find your work and clients. 
  • Though, there are many other ways your career can go. For example, getting a certificate in graphic design can lead to many unexpected jobs.
  • On top of all this, there is a lot of demand for graphic designers. If you look at some job boards, you’ll see how many studios, agencies, and companies worldwide are looking for designers with high Graphic designer salary in India.

Graphic Designer Salary

Graphic designers are always in high demand because they make a brand look different. Graphic design jobs are becoming increasingly popular, but the pay packages vary depending on many things. So, it would help if you compared the graphic design salary based on different factors. 

Let us see the salaries in different influencing factors. Have a look.

Salary of a Graphic Designer as per the Experience

Experience is a significant factor that influences the salaries of Graphic Designers. The graphic designer’s fresher salary is impressively excellent. In the beginning, you will get a salary like the other designers. You will be paid higher salaries as you get experienced and upskill yourself in Graphic design.

  • The entry-level graphic designer’s salary is approximately 2.21 LPA.
  • The Mid-level Graphic designer’s salary is about 3.5 LPA.
  • The Graphic designer salary who has worked for many years gets a salary of 5.69 LPA.

 Salary of a Graphic designer as per the location

Location is the main factor for varying Graphic Designer salaries. As lots and lots of companies and industries are emerging in top locations of India. The need and the recruitment of Graphic designers are increased in all top locations. Let us see the top locations and the graphic designer salaries offered.

  • Bangalore: 3.6 LPA
  • Hyderabad: 3 LPA
  • Chennai: 2.2 LPA
  • Coimbatore: 2.28 LPA
  • Mumbai: 3.06 LPA
  • Delhi: 3.64 LPA
  • Pune: 2.99

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Salary of a Graphic Designer as per the Organisation

Almost all companies hire Graphic Designers for brand promotions and a picturesque way of presenting their products. To develop the company’s logo and product promotion, there is a considerable demand for Graphic Designers. There are many core Graphic Design companies in almost all top locations. The freshers can find ample job opportunites and upskill by learning more about Graphic Design at these companies as they work on many graphic designing projects. Let us check out the Graphic designer salary for freshers in various companies.

  • Adobe Systems: 3.5 LPA
  • Cisco Systems:3.2 LPA
  • Intel Corporation: 3.79 LPA
  • Amazon: 5 LPA
  • Wipro: 2.5 LPA
  • Cognizant: 2.3 LPA

Skills Required for Graphic designers

Employers look for graphic designers who can do many different things and have the necessary technical skills to start immediately. Here are some of the technical skills that a graphic designer should have to earn a high Graphic designer salary in India :

  • Typography skills: If you want to be a graphic designer, you need to be able to put words and letters together in a way that looks good.
  • Ability to follow brand marketing guidelines
  •  Good graphic designers know how to make well-balanced designs using white space, colour, hierarchy, and other design principles.
  • UX design to create simple designs 
  • Knowledge of Digital technology (HTML, CSS, JS) if you want to work as a Visual Designer.
  • You must know to edit stock pictures and high-quality images. 

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Responsibilities of a Graphic Designer

  • Plan ideas by studying information and materials that are relevant.
  • Concepts are shown by making examples of how art is arranged, the size type, and the style and submitting them for approval.
  • Getting finished art ready by using the right tools and software.
  • Coordinating with outside agencies, art services, web designers, marketers, printers, and colleagues as needed.
  • Helping the team by doing tasks when they are required.
  • Communicating with clients about design and layout.
  • Making a wide range of Graphics and layouts for product illustrations, company logos, and websites.
  • Reviewing the final layouts and making suggestions for changes when they are needed.

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As discussed above, I hope you are clear about the Graphic designer salary. This field is evergreen and never faded away from the list of technologies. The freshers can boom on their career track by working as graphic designers. You can be an innovative artistic graphic designer by acquiring a Graphic design certification. Look out for the Graphic designer job and start applying.