Which IT Company is Best for Freshers
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Which IT Company is Best for Freshers

The top IT sector has cropped up as worldwide competitors in the information technology sector in recent years.  The IT industry in India is one of the largest platforms for job seekers to begin their careers, and India’s top 10 IT organizations are providing great work prospects for IT experts and providing various opportunities for freshers as well.

Here we have listed the best IT companies for freshers and how it has created a wider opportunity for fresh graduates.

However, we have selected the top ten Information Technology enterprises like HCL, Cognizant, Hexaware, TCS, Infosys, Tech Mahindra, Wipro, and others are among the top 10 IT businesses in India. However, other additional great IT organizations in India may compete with all of the organizations on this list of top 10 IT companies in India, including Accenture, Microsoft, Google, and others.

Overall there are more than one million jobs for freshers in IT companies and job in MNC company for fresher also have equal vacancies for fresh graduates. Multinational corporations like TCS and Microsoft have more than 90,000 vacancies with the best salary pay. 

For example, at the Wipro, freshers are paid around ₹ 3.5 Lakhs annually. After two to three years of experience, they can expect more than 4 lakhs. In  Tech Mahindra Freshers are paid around ₹ 2. 6 Lakhs and with years of experience, you can expect more than 4 lakhs. 

IT companies provide various tech and non-tech job roles for more than 1 million people. Besides this, some of the best Indian IT firms are also among the world’s top software companies. These top software companies in India service customers all over the world, but the majority of their profits come from the United States, the United Kingdom, and others from prominent IT industries in India such as Chennai, Hyderabad, and others.

So, based on the criteria of the company’s profile, salary, and professional ethics, we have listed the best IT company for freshers

Tata Consultancy Services 

It has a global reach in more than 45 countries and employs over  4.5 million people from 143 different ethnicities. One of the most persuasive reasons for freshers to join TCS is cultural diversification. Additionally, the company employs women. This organization deals with technological products, digital platforms, and operations.


Wipro, one of the largest IT firms, employs approximately 2,60,000 people. And it hired around 10,000 graduates around the world, a 2.5 percent rise from the previous year. It provides robotics, machines, the web, and other advanced machinery of the future business consulting and process services.  Its primary goal is to make technology-based services, and it is a perfect company for recent engineering-related graduates.

Tech Mahindra

It is India’s largest IT company with more than $4.8 billion corporations over 1.5 million employees in 90 countries. It is highly preferred by the freshers because of its best packages. In  Tech Mahindra Freshers are paid around ₹ 2. 6 Lakhs and with years of experience, you can expect more than 4 lakhs.


Cognizant, one of India’s most renowned organizations. It provides new grads with significant training opportunities for freshers. Employees claim that the organization provides an approachable atmosphere that allows newcomers to feel at ease.  IT professionals at Cognizant earn an average yearly pay of about INR 6,00,000. Freshers are paid around 4,00,000 per year.


The company probably has the best remuneration package for freshers. IT professionals earn a starting salary of INR 7,00,000 per year. They can also take advantage of other benefits such as health insurance, training and mentoring, and so on. Freshers are paid around 1 to 5 lakhs and it merely depends on their qualification. It’s no wonder that the employees that work here are always satisfied and motivated.


Capgemini is a leading provider of consulting, new technology, computing, and technical services around the world. In the growing world of the internet, media, and portals, the Group is at the forefront of technological innovation to cover the complete range of customers’ prospects. It is the best platform for freshers to begin their career as it provides the best salary package to the freshers. In the initial stage, freshers get ₹2,70,000 – ₹4, 20, 000 per year.


Hexaware, top IT companies hiring freshers and an IT consultancy firm that aims to hire employees who are passionate about automated processes. The company seeks to give personalized digital solutions to consumers and combine new technological trends for providing better services. It has a good reputation among novices for providing a lot of learning opportunities and possibilities for advancement. Here, freshers obtain the starting salary of  3.5 to 4 Lakhs annually.

HCL Technologies

Mphasis utilizes upcoming technology to assist businesses throughout the world in transforming their operations. Mphasis is a company that provides technology-based services to customers worldwide. Mphasis offers business process automation, and web applications as part of its integrated systems. It is the best platform for the fresher as it provides the best salary package of ₹ 3. 5 Lakhs per annum with less than one year of experience 


Mindtree is software development-based technology. It is specialized in application development,  data analytics, and cloud computing. It also provides various opportunities for the freshers and pays Rs 3.5 to 4. 5 lakh annually.

There are various good companies for freshers and wide opportunities to start their career. But the lack of effective communication and presentation skills, as well as professional efficiency, is the most significant issue that freshers confront in their first jobs. To avoid such problems, a recent graduate should receive proper professional training. 

By this, you would have understood that they are various freshers jobs opportunities to start your career in one of these companies. Various top IT companies are hiring freshers, So give your best and get your dream job.