Oracle Salary for Freshers
Freshers Salary

Oracle Salary for Freshers

IT is the fast-growing sector among various organizations and provides multiple opportunities for freshers and professionals. Before heading into the IT sectors, you should precisely understand companies’ culture, recruitment process, and salary for freshers. Oracle is the best world’s largest database management company among various IT companies. And it is the second-largest software-based company; its annual revenue has increased from around 21 billion US dollars to over 39 billion, and by this year expected to increase by 20%. Moreover, it is reported largest turnover among other companies data. 

Due to its flexibility and feasibility, it employs more than 1.3 lakh people globally. And has its office and headquarters in various locations in India, North America, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Hong Kong, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, California, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, Redwood City, Denmark, US, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, and in many geographical locations. 

Moreover, the pinnacle of oracle technology is, it provides various opportunities for freshers. In the past year, it recruited more than 7,200 freshers in each field, and this year it is expected to grow 12,000 fresher globally, and 25% of the freshers are recruited from the campus selections process. Overall, it recruits more than 26,382 both professional and freshes. 

Furthermore, it substantially increases its emphasis on equality and builds strong between management and employees. Due to this, it operates vehemently for business growth and development. Oracle provides various cloud computing platforms, developer services, networking, cloud applications, content management, and customer service experience. 

Oracle cloud computing infrastructure provides various services like Big data, Artificial intelligence, machine learning, analytics, Business intelligence, etc.

In Customer Experience, oracle provides multiple services like Advertising, Service, Marketing, and Sales. Developer services (DevOps, Hybrid Cloud, Integration, etc.), networking (Security, Storage, Virtual Machines, etc.), and Oracle Cloud Applications services like ERP, EPM, HCM, SCM.

Moreover, it provides various product and industrial services for customer and businesses development, including Oracle Database, MySQL Database, Analytics Server, Java software, Oracle Linux, Middleware, Engineered Systems, GraalVM (virtual machine), Oracle Database Cloud products, Developer Tools, private and public cloud services, Internet of Things, blockchain technology, Virtualisation (cloud development) and Security. 

Now. We shall discuss the oracle salary for freshers, types of jobs, and roles and responsibilities to begin your career in oracle. 

Types of Job roles in Oracle

Oracle has plenty of job opportunities for freshers and professionals who intend to start their careers in Oracle technology. But every job role in oracle requires uniques skills and responsibilities. Now, we shall look at the job hierarchy in oracle. 

Manager, Associate Engineer, Engineer, Senior Engineer, Associate Manager, and Principal Engineer. Further, Team Lead/Project Lead, Product Development, Software Developer, Cloud Sales Manager, Senior Consultant, Staff Consultant, Product Development, Finance, Platform Automation Engineer, Application Developer, Software Test Automation Engineer, Quality Assurance Engineer, Sales Operation Analyst, Cloud Engineer, Applications Developer, QA Automation Engineer, Cloud Architect, and Senior Data lake Engineer.

Furthermore, there are many job vacancies in oracle like Senior Java Fullstack Engineer, Principal CX Applications Engineer, Senior Data Scientist, Program Manager 4-ProdDev, Technical Support Engineer, etc. 

Above mentioned job roles are applicable for freshers and professionals. If candidates wish to perceive their career in the IT industry, the criteria for experienced and beginners vary. It is also suitable for the IT and Non-IT field. So, before applying for the job, the candidate should have a concise understanding of the job criteria. 

Now, we shall discuss a few types of job roles, responsibilities, and oracle fresher salary.

Application Developer

  • Analyze, develop, build, debug, and test corporate or end-user software programs.
  • Writes coding, performs programming, and also does application troubleshooting.
  • As a part of the software development team, you will build a software-based application for the design criteria provided.
  • As a part of the software development team: Process stage parameters, business operations, and data management must be assigned. 
  • Enhancements and fix bugs in applications. 
  • Create and run unit tests as well as unit test strategies. 

Automation Engineer

  • As a test automation developer, you must be responsible for developing automation frameworks.
  • Candidate must know these programming languages: Java, Python, Unix scripting, Structured Query Language scripting.
  • Knowledge in Application programming interface testing. 
  • Knowledge of tools such as Selenium, SoapUI, Katalon Studio, Postman, and Jmeter. 
  • Knowledge of Docker and Kubernetes and execute the process with these tools. 
  • Knowledge in Jira and Jenkins will be advantageous.
  • Implementing continuous integration and continuous delivery/continuous deployment will be a significant advantage.

Software Test Automation Engineer

  • Good experience in automation testing technologies (Oracle application Testing suits Selenium, QuickTest Professional, etc.) 
  • Skill in Java/JavaScript/Python
  • The applicant will have extensive automation experience with 
  • Ability to run the test script manually. 
  • Well-understood Software Development Processes
  • Communication skills, both vocal and written.
  • As part of a team, problem-solving and analytical skills are required.
  • Experience with Oracle Human Capital Management and mobile application automation will be a plus.

Few job role in oracle requires extensive skills and responsibilities. Now, we shall discuss the oracle package for freshers, qualification criteria, basic skills, and the interview process. 

Qualification Criteria

Bachelor’s in Engineering, Bachelor’s in Technology, Master of Business Administration, Master of Computer Applications, Master of Engineering,  Master of Technology, Bachelor of Science in Commerce/  Bachelor of Commerce /Bachelor of Business Administration / Bachelor of Computer Applications, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Master of Business Administration, etc. 

The qualification criteria depend on the job post and the applicants’ experience. 

  • Candidate should have more than 60% in graduation degree
  • The candidate should not have any backlogs at the time of the selection process. 

Basic Skills

  • Programming knowledge- Java, Javascript, Unix, Business Process, Pl/SQL, Software Development, and Enterprise resource planning.
  • Teamwork and cooperation abilities are essential.
  • Communication, both verbal and written.
  • Analytical skills
  • Logical thinking.
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Time management 
  • Accounting. 

Interview Process

  • Online Test/Written Exam- In this round, the recruiter will test your verbal skills, Database management system, Networking, Object-oriented programming, Logic, and Deductive Reasoning. 
  • Technical Round 1- Programming language skills and a recruiter will test your coding sills
  • Technical Round 2- You expect questions from the data structure, cloud technology-based questions, and puzzle
  • HR Interview Round- In this round, the interview will be intended to know something about you, your qualification, skills mentioned in your resume. 

How to apply

  • visite the official website
  • Go to the section on the homepage where you may find the SEARCH FOR JOB button.
  • Type your job role or scroll down, there you can find multiple job opportunities. 
  • Click the job you prefer, begin applying online, and complete the necessary registration information.
  • Submit it after that.
  • Now you must upload the necessary documents, such as your photo, signature, and educational credentials.
  • You must upload the candidate’s documents in the PNG/jpg format with the required size.
  • Pay the application cost that corresponds to your classification.
  • The candidates are not required to pay an application fee. Only pay the application fee at the official website specified in the announcement.
  • The application will be accessible to use once you’ve paid.
  • Check out the details you have filled in and click submit button. And you can take a printout for future verification. 

Oracle Salary for Freshers

Oracle fresher salary ranges from ₹ 4lakhs to ₹ 5 lakhs per year. But the pay scale depends on the applicants’ role, qualifications, and skill

For candidates with less than one year of experience to six years of experience, the average Oracle Application Developer salary in India is above ₹ 5 lakhs per year.

Oracle Automation Engineer salaries range from ₹1,05,456 to ₹3,04,350 for freshers. 

Oracle’s Product Development Engineer compensation ranges from ₹5.4 lakhs to ₹ 6.9 lakhs. This is a rough estimate based on staff wages. But with the years of experience, the candidate may be paid high. 

Now, you would have understood the oracle package for freshers, qualifications criteria, basic skills, interview process, and types of jobs for freshers and professionals. So, to head your career in oracle, you can take the job role you prefer.