How to Answer “Tell Me About Yourself” for Freshers
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How to Answer “Tell Me About Yourself” for Freshers

The interview is an important moment for every fresher who wants to start their professional carer path. In every interview, you will tend to face the same question “Tell Me About Yourself”. The interview asks this question to test your ability to answer in a precise manner. But, the expectation is varied from your job role you need to obtain. If you are a literature student, the interviewer asks this question to test your English fluency. If you are a technical student, the interviewer asks this question to test your professional highlights, skills, and how they can help you advance in your career, and so on. But the interviewer intends to hire candidates who can work with them for a long period.

There are various freshers jobs opportunities in the tech world. So, the graduate’s dream is to crack the interview process and get placed in reputed organizations. Here, we shall discuss how to Answer Tell Me About Yourself for fresher in detail. 

Before you respond to the question “Tell me about yourself,” you should first understand why interviewers ask it. It is the fundamental question asked in all kinds of interviews as you advance in your career. It also provides them with a better understanding of your background, professional achievements, and how it can help you grow in your job, among many others.

If you answer it correctly, interviewers will be able to see why you are the best candidate for the job and will be able to validate it by asking about your hard talents. So, before stepping into the company, you need to learn some essential things about the company. Here, we shall discuss this in detail.

Do research something about the company profile

Whenever you enter the company, you need to prepare the company’s entire profile. Research the essential aspects like the educational qualifications they require, skills,  company’s culture, job descriptions, etc.

When recruiters ask interview questions, they expect the candidate to be familiar with the firm and its work and have a clear understanding of how their talent might help the company to move forward.

Read the Job Description

The job description is an essential key point to note important aspects of the company. It would help you answer relevant to the job they mentioned in their job description.

For example, in the job description, they would have mentioned that “we require the candidates with the skills in Python java with good English communication skills. So, when the recruiter asks, Tell me about yourself, you can add on the valid point that “I have completed the Python course after completing my graduate degree”. So, this would aid you to get hired for the job role you prefer.

So, you can highlight one to two skills that are highly valid to the companies’ job description.

Make the introduction short and to the point

You can introduce yourself in short and to the point. For example, I am Sneha, I completed my M.Tech in sharkskin university (mention the university you perceived), and I completed the java Course (mention the skills relevant to the job description). My experience is my internship. If you are an experienced candidate, you can mention your years of experience. 

So, it should not extend more than 3 minutes. Here are three factors to consider while responding to the question “Tell me something about you“:

  • You can discuss your most recent accomplishment, talents, and so on, relevant to the post as well. Try the following example:

“I had the best experience when my paper was selected for the publishing process and published in a reputed UGC journal”.

  • You can also list any previous accomplishments relevant to the job role. So, you could answer in this manner:

“I am interested in publishing a lot of papers, so I perceived the internship in publishing cycle organization and published one article in Hindu.”

  • You might also tell them about your career goals and how you intend to accomplish them. Here’s what you may say about it: 

“I love writing, but I’m more concerned about how content impacts a business’s success, so I choose this content writing field.”

I believe that practical knowledge is as important as academic knowledge, so I am eager to participate in a content marketing and digital marketing certification course to gain a comprehensive understanding.”

Be Professional

While speaking with the recruiter, talk professionally. Maintain the same tonality throughout the interview. Be attentive and bold to attend the next level of the interview process.

Prepare how to preset yourself before attending the interview. Practice speaking fluently in English and give a positive approach.

Sample Formate for Telling me Something about your Job Interview

Now, we shall have a view on the tell me about yourself sample answers for freshers

“I have completed my Masters in English from SGT University. I intended to perceive my career in the Content writing field. So, to enhance me, I joined the Digital Marketing course, and I believe that it is a rapidly growing field. So I choose this career path”.

Now, we shall discuss the on job interview tips tell me about yourself:

Interview Tips

  • Collect the complete details of the company and their future gaol and check the reviews of the employees.
  • Read the full job description, note the skills they require, and refer to the fresher interview questions.
  • Practice before attending the job interview
  • Carry with you the extra copies of Resume 
  • Make the right outfit according to the companies’ culture and present yourself professionally.
  • Communicate in English when you enter the campus.

Hopefully, these suggestions on how to answer the interview question “Tell me about yourself” are helpful. So, you can follow this sample step, crack the interview, and get into a successful career path.