First Source Salary for Freshers
Freshers Salary

First Source Salary for Freshers

Firstsource Solution is a leading provider of revolutionary products and solutions to the corporate finance, medical, telecommunications, entertainment, and technology sectors. As the company is well established, every candidate aspires to get into and start their career in this excellent organization with lots of job opportunities, learning, and never the less offers a wonderful First Source Salary for Freshers.

First Source realizes how difficult it is to keep up with fast-changing skill sets and domain knowledge in a digital environment that changes by the minute. They make it simple for you to stay ahead with e-learning courses, networked classrooms, and online programs. You’ll have all the cutting-edge resources and information you need – right at your fingertips – to upskill, seek new ideas, embrace challenges, and lead effectively with Firstsource Academy.

Enrolling and getting an offer in First Source is the greatest achievement for freshers. Employers are continuously on the hunt for qualified newcomers who are a suitable fit. With our career training services, we can assist in making ourselves a recruitable prospect.

Who can apply for First source jobs?

  • The candidates aspiring to start off their careers in the IT base and who want to enroll in the proficient domains of the firstsource job roles can apply. 
  • The first source provides various jobs for freshers in telecom industries, financial administrations, and health care services. 
  • All these mentioned domains deal with the technological concepts and thus by implementing they release the products to the public. 
  • There are a vast number of job opportunities in these areas and the candidates who have relevant subject knowledge in these areas can apply for the freshers jobs at the First source.

The aspirants can always enroll in the Spoken English Classes in Chennai for an elevated confidence level during interviews of First Source.

Freshers with engineering degrees, master’s degrees, management roles, BPO employment, and other professions are paid exceptionally well first source solution salary for freshers. First Source opportunities are also open to candidates with suitable experience.

Freshers who completed engineering can always join the Sofware Testing Course in Bangalore to start off their career in IT Streams.

First source Recruitment

The candidates who have graduated in engineering, master’s in Engineering, business administration, and computer applications are eligible to apply. Meanwhile, the aspirants applying must not carry over any backlogs and a one-year gap is allowed between the academics. 

If you are an MCA fresher, it is pretty sure you will excel in computer applications and software. Else, you can take classes on the various recent technologies software like Selenium, and PHP or  Join the Selenium Training in Chennai to have advanced career growth.

In the next section, let us see how do we apply for the jobs in the First source. The steps are very simple as every fresher can find it very feasible to complete the application process.

  • First and foremost, go to, which is the authoritative site.
  • Look for the job alert under the Career tab.
  • Select the ‘job openings’ option.
  • Choose the required country.
  • Click ‘Apply’ if your profile suits Firstsource Recruitment.
  • Complete the structure of the Firstsource application with attention.
  • Kindly submit your latest current resume.
  • The form should be saved for future use.

Why do candidates prefer First Source company?

  • In the present computerized world, offering you the best first source salary for freshers wherein technology is rapidly changing every single minute, the first source company ensures that you stay ahead of rapidly altering ranges of abilities and knowledge. 
  • We make it simple for you to stay ahead with e-learning courses, connected homerooms, and online projects. 
  • With Firstsource Academy, you’ll have access to all of the cutting-edge assets and materials you need to stay current, think critically, embrace challenges, and lead the team. 
  • Individual development through on-the-job training for current and future careers. 
  • Learning based on innovation for a diverse, globally appropriated workforce across topographies.

Fresher roles and salaries in first source jobs and what skills are required

The first source salary structure for the freshers in the first source is paid extremely well. There are some of the factors where the salary varies like location, skills, and experience. Technical abilities, for example. It all relies on how well you do in the interview. Let us see what skills are required and the salaries they are paid.

Computer Programmer

  • Computer programmers create and test the code that allows software applications to operate. 
  • Because a computer program developed by Microsoft Excel to respond to user inputs in this way, it may create a chart or graph based on data from a spreadsheet. 
  • Computer programmers’ pay varies greatly based on their level of expertise and their work type. 
  • Those who work for software publishers make greater money than those in other businesses. 
  • Employer-specific requirements vary, but most computer programmers need to complete a degree program or a coding to get started. 
  • A deep understanding of algorithms and data structures, as well as coding skills in languages like Java, C, Python, and JavaScript, are required.
  • Aside from knowing computer languages and being familiar with relevant commercial goods, computer programmers need to have a number of soft skills.
  • The computer programmer’s first source salary for freshers is 2.8 LPA.

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System Analyst

  • System analysis plays an important role in investigating emerging innovations, formulating and developing customizable software solutions, improving the capability and usability of recent computer networks, testing new processes, and training end-users on embedded systems, applications, and internet resources. 
  • A bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field is a popular starting point for a career as a systems analyst. 
  • The educational requirements for a career as a systems analyst are diverse. 
  • A bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field is adequate for most jobs. 
  • Analysts, on the other hand, require strong interpersonal abilities.
  •  Working professionals who want to keep their part-time or full-time jobs can take the training from JAVA Training in Bangalore.
  • The first source solution salary for freshers system analysts earns about 3 LPA.

Data Engineer

  • Python is essential for data engineers because it facilitates statistical analysis and modeling. 
  • It’s worth noting that Python is required in roughly 70% of job descriptions in this industry. 
  • You’ll require good coding skills as a data engineer because you’ll be working with numerous computer languages. 
  • Other popular programming abilities include .NET, R, Shell Scripting, and Perl, in addition to Python.
  • Because AWS is a cloud-based platform that also allows you to access your data engineering tools, learning it will benefit you in other areas. 
  • AWS is a prerequisite for almost every data engineering job description.
  •  A course will assist you in having a more organized and efficient learning experience.
  • This first source course will cover the most often used programming languages by data engineers (Python, R, SQL) and machine learning, data pipelines, and data warehousing systems. 
  • The data engineer’s first source salary structure is 3.5 LPA

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Associate Support Engineer

  • Associate support engineers are experts at resolving any technical issues, such as network configuration and account setup, as well as clarifying client questions about products or services via phone calls and emails and resolving them quickly.
  • These engineers should have strong verbal and written communication skills in addition to great analytical and problem-solving abilities. 
  • A bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering, information technology, or another comparable area is required to enter the Associate support engineer career path. 
  • Those interested in pursuing a career as an Associate support engineer should be familiar with help desk software like Zendesk and remote desktop apps. 
  • As businesses expand and require additional support services when upgrading or purchasing new hardware and software systems, the demand for technical support experts will rise.
  • After obtaining expertise, Support engineers can develop their careers as network controllers, network analyzers, or IT project managers. The first source salary for freshers Associate support Engineers is about 3.25 LPA.

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First Source training and advancement

Jobs for freshers at First Source Solutions are of the highest quality. Coaches use the greatest materials and educate students. The candidates are assigned to task coaches, who help them advance in their careers and develop experience as specialists. Guides are near you with the goal of ensuring capable progress throughout your career. Learn from and be told by the top mentors who give their unique perspectives.

Benefits for Freshers

First Source offers a comprehensive and competitive first source solutions salary for freshers pay package that demonstrates our dedication to our employees and their families throughout their life. We reward performance and hard effort with best-in-class salary, cutting-edge health plan alternatives, abundant time off, and life-long career advancement prospects.

As a result of this post, I assume you now have a better understanding of the various attributes you must possess before entering the information technology industry. Start your career with First Source, which offers the best first source salary for freshers wage packages and value-added incentives, as well as the best fresher job opportunities.