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Cisco Salary for Freshers

Cisco is a California-based international technology corporation. Cisco develops, manufactures, and sells networking gear, software, telecommunications equipment, and other high-tech services and products. 

Cisco Systems is an IT and networking company that specializes in switching devices, networks, cybersecurity, and the Internet of Things. The prominent feature of Cisco is that Cisco’s logo appears on every office phone and conference equipment. It is the predominant feature of Cisco technology. 

Now, we shall discuss four things to learn about Cisco, Cisco’s salary for freshers, types of job opportunities, types of services provided by the Cisco technology. 

Cisco’s Cybersecurity sector, which expanded revenue by 14 percent annually to $528 million last quarter and accounted for 6% of product revenues, is the company’s fastest-growing division. Cisco has been an actively growing company with significant investments and acquisitions.

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The Cisco Networking Academy Curriculum is a comprehensive e-learning program that teaches students Internet technology skills necessary in today’s global marketplace. The Networking Academy offers a web-based curriculum, online testing, student performance tracking, hands-on labs, instructor training and support, and preparation for industry-standard certification. Moreover, Nigeria has over 30 Cisco Networking Academy centers. 

Cisco Systems is a multinational corporation that launched its first product in 1986 and now employs over 40,000 people in over 115 countries. Cisco solutions are networking foundations for service providers, small to medium businesses, and corporate customers, including corporations, government agencies, utilities, and educational institutions.

Cisco networking solutions connect people, computing devices, and computer networks, allowing individuals to access and transfer data regardless of time, location, or computer system type.

Types of Services

Cisco provides various services in networking such as SD-WAN, Routers, Access networking, Switches, Wireless, Datacenter networking, Intent-based networking, Enterprise network security, Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), Optics and transceivers, and Networking solutions for hybrid work.

Moreover, they provide numerous services in the Internet of Things, such as Industrial Networking, Industrial Routers and Gateways, Industrial Security, Industrial Switching, Industrial Wireless, Industrial Connectivity Management, Extended Enterprise, Data Management, and Industrial Sensor Solutions. 

Now, we shall look at the cisco package for freshers, job opportunities in Cisco, and the role and responsibility of the freshers and professionals. 

Job Opportunities in Cisco

Cisco offers multiple job opportunities for freshers and professionals to start their careers in cisco technology.

Software Engineer, Senior Software Engineer, Account Manager, Project Manager, Network Consulting Engineer, Systems Engineer, Technical Leader, Senior Manager, Software Engineer IV, Software Engineer II, Business Analyst, Network Engineer Software Engineer III, Director, Technical Support Engineer, etc. 

Software Engineer

  • The candidate should have the ability to develop, create, debug, and analyze software programs.
  • Develop operating systems, coders, networks, protocols, tools, databases, and Web tools supporting architecture and technological platforms.
  • Assess hardware compatibility and Strong programming and scripting language skills like Python, Java, JavaScript, CSS, HTMLTo have an in-depth understanding of Python coding language, you can join Python Training in Bangalore to have a precise understanding of python strings, loops, frameworks, tools, libraries, etc. 
  • Possess innovative problem-solving abilities as well as good debugging and testing abilities.
  • Maintain positive working relationships with coworkers.
  • Excellent oral and written communication abilities

Marketing Specialist

  • The candidate must be familiar with marketing strategy, online marketing, business intelligence, communications, and fieldwork marketing. To learn the nuance and strategies of marketing, you can join Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore to better understand marketing strategies, techniques, tools, etc. 
  • You’ll be part of professional development events, interact with the senior leadership team, contribute to your community, and engage with a worldwide marketing community.
  • Talented and interested aspirants will be assigned to teamwork.
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal. Must be able to communicate effectively in English. If you want to enhance your English speaking skills, you can Spoken English Classes in Bangalore to have a comprehensive understanding of syntax, communication, personality development, email etiquettes, etc. 
  • Candidate must have the ability to self-motivate
  • Team player with excellent communication and persuasion skills
  • Internships, training, or work experience in market analysis, big data and insights, content development, branding project planning, and execution demonstrate an interest in marketing.

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Hardware Engineer

  • Technology related problem-solving skills and comprehensive knowledge of  engineering fundamentals
  • Building and maintaining a tie with the associate member
  • Communication abilities that are exceptional (verbal and written)
  • Solid knowledge of computer engineering and software development, as well as a willingness to learn new technologies
  • TCP/IP networking basics, including networking devices techniques.
  • Basic knowledge of firewalls, routers, network troubleshooting tools, and techniques
  • Security fundamentals such as firewalls, Intrusion detection systems/intrusion prevention systems, Virtual private networks, etc

Moreover, they are numerous job opportunities piled up in Cisco. So, the candidate with the IT-related qualification and skills can apply for the job post. Further, Cisco plans to hire more than 65, 000 candidates globally. 

We shall discuss the interview process, Cisco salary package for freshers, interview process detailly.

Moreover, Cisco offers certification courses; candidates who have completed the Cisco Certification Course in a reputed academy have many job opportunities in the Cisco company and many IT companies. Cisco certification like:

  1. Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician
  2. Cisco Certified Network Associate Routing and Switching 
  3. Cisco Certified Design Associate 
  4. Cisco Certified Network Associate Cloud 
  5. Cisco Certified Network Associate Data Center

Joining the CCNA course would help you have access to wider opportunities and also you can explore your career in the IT networking sector. 

Academic Qualification

Bachelor of Engineering/Bachelor of Technology/Master of Engineering / Master of Technology/ Bachelor of Commerce, Master of Business Administration, Master of Computer Application, Information technology, computer science, electronics, and communication engineering, IT-related degree. 

Basic Skills

  • Networking and debugging kills
  • Programming language skills like Java, etc. If you want to understand the Java concepts, you can join Java Training in Chennai and impart the necessary concepts such as Java frameworks, SOA, etc. 
  • Analytical and problem-solving skill
  • Routing and Switching
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to learn new technology

Now, we shall look at Cisco salary for freshers, the interview process, how to apply for Cisco’s recent job alerts. 

Interview Process

Round 1: In this round, you can expect questions from Arithmetic Aptitude, Coding-Decoding, probability, Percentages, Simple Interest, Compound Interest, Profit & Loss, etc. 

Round 2: In this round, you can expect questions from Network Protocols, Operating System, Networking, Data Structures, C, Database management system, and C++

Round 3: Coding and scripting

Round 4: In this round, you can expect the question from your CV

Now to apply

  • Visit the official website 
  • Go to the “Recent Notifications” section of the homepage.
  • Take a look at the notification and read it thoroughly.
  • After that, begin applying online and filling out the necessary login information.
  • Then submit it.
  • Now you must upload the required documents, such as your photograph, signature, and educational qualifications.
  • The candidate must upload their documents in PNG/jpg format and at the required size.
  • Check the details and thoroughly fill out the application form.
  • Finally, print out the entire Job online application for future reference.

Cisco Fresher Salary 

In India, fresher salaries range from ₹2 lakhs to ₹8 lakhs, with an average yearly pay of ₹2.5 lakhs.

Cisco package for freshers in India, the average compensation for a Software Engineer Trainee is ₹3,64,813 to ₹7 LPA.

 For Network Engineer, the average pay scale is ₹7 Lakhs per year to ₹7.5  lakh per year. 

Marketing Specialist is paid around ₹1 to ₹5 lakhs per year. 

Now, you would have understood the types of services, job opportunities, cisco salary package for freshers, interview process, qualification criteria, basic skills, etc. So, to explore your career in cisco technology, you can join CCNA Course in Chennai (CISCO) to have a comprehensive understanding of networking, troubleshooting, protocols, etc.