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Best programming languages For Beginners

After completing our Academic degree, we would have an idea of perceiving additional programming courses to make us unique before other candidates. We might have many questions like which is the best programming language for beginners and programming languages to learn.

Every organization, mainly in the IT sector, seeks a candidate with skills in coding languages. Many IT roles require a thorough understanding of the most popular programming languages. If you have completed the additional course, it would be your credential and portray you as a professional. Furthermore, at present, there are various freshersjobs for the candidates. 

Various organizations like TCS, Google, Accenture, Wipro Limited, Amazon, Infosys, Walmart, Capgemini, etc., hire the candidate with coding skills.  

Many job prospects are offered in these organizations as, Application Developer, Junior Developer, Java Architect, Software Developer, Web Developer, Database Administrator, Android Developer, etc.

In this blog, we shall have an overview of the most useful programming language and best coding languages to learn. Now, we shall know the best programming language in detail.

The best coding languages to learn:


Java is an object-oriented code programming language that is high-level, fast, and versatile. Java is highly preferable for many software developers because it is portable and flexible. When comparing Java to R or another programming language, Java converts code to Bytecode, which is then described by a bit of software known as the JRE or Java Virtual Machine.

The following are some of the reasons why Java is so popular:

  • It includes dynamic elements like a library and applications.
  • Java runs on its independent platform.
  • Java has an extensive class library and architecture.
  • Java is a versatile and object-oriented programming language.
  • The quickest, most simple syntax, and open-source
  • Java runs on a wide range of platforms and is highly dependable.
  • Developing applications that are reliable and secure


Python is a user-friendly and easy-to-use programming language with an automatic user interface. It is also a simple language to learn. It’s a built-in object-oriented high-level data structure that combines dynamic typing with dynamic binding.

Why is Python so popular?

  • It is easy to use, making it easy to comprehend and interpret. This simplicity aids in the rapid development of programs.
  • Flexibility and adaptability aid in completing various web/mobile and machine learning activities.
  • It is popular among entry-level coders because it is a user-friendly language.
  • Python is an open-source programming language and requires less time to read the python libraries.
  • The Python framework is helpful for game and mobile application development. The Python framework facilitates the creation of code and applications.


Kotlin is interoperable with Java and enables functional programming languages. Kotlin is commonly used in Mobile development, website development, and PC application development, among other things. Kotlin was designed to be an enhanced programming language and it’s undeniable that its users agree. The majority of apps are written in Kotlin. Companies that use Kotlin as their programming language include Udemy, Robinhood, Pinterest, Slack, and PostMates.

Why Kotlin is so popular

  • It is a better programming language than other coding languages like Java
  • Easy to adapt and flexible


PHP was designed in 1990. It is widely used for web development, and it is easy to learn. It is also widely utilized by many organizations for website creation. And more than 70% of a domain on the Internet, including Wikipedia, Facebook, Tumblr, WordPress, etc. However, language may also be used to generate command-line scripting, and programmers with advanced PHP coding skills can use it to create PC programs. Further, Developers will find PHP to be a reasonably simple language to learn. 

Why is PHP popular?

  • Easy to learn and Cross-platform 
  • It is popularly used for web developers
  • integrated with a variety of tools
  • Budget-friendly


Swift is a free, compiled scripting language that has nearly all of the same capabilities as Objective-C. Swift is a flexible and scalable programming language that requires fewer coding skills than other programming languages. Swift is used in several prominent iOS apps, including Facebook, Whatsapp, Accenture, LinkedIn, and even Flappy Bird. 

C and C++

C is the most frequently used scripting language, and it serves as the foundation for other programming languages like C#, Ruby, and JavaScript. C++ is a more powerful form of the C language. Many developers ignore C entirely, while others believe that understanding C first gives a solid basis for C++ programming. In computer programming and coding, both languages are frequently used.

Developers of C and C++ can utilize interpreters for a wide range of platforms, allowing programs developed in these languages to be highly portable. Both C and C++ are the fastest programming languages. As a result, they’re frequently utilized in various companies like  Microsoft, NASA, product-based companies, games, and video editing apps


Matlab is a programming language that is used to create a machine learning and data mining systems. Users can utilize Matlab-based applications to analyze data, construct algorithms, analyze photos, and double-check findings.

Matlab is often easier to pick up than the other programming languages.  The MathWorks website offers a large portion dedicated to solving Matlab-related problems.

We hope this blog will have helped you to understand Top Programming Languages. We have shortlisted only a few, but hundreds of programming languages are on demand. So, learning one of these best coding languages will help you start a career as a programmer and provide you with various jobs alert. Take up any course like Java, Python, c, c++,  Metlab, Javascript, R, or ruby to begin your career in the IT sector.