Zoho Salary for Freshers
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Zoho Salary for Freshers

Zoho is a cloud-based organization and an Indian multinational corporation. Zoho is primarily recognized for its online suite. More than 35 million members use Zoho’s company software applications to perform large chunks of their enterprises or perhaps their entire company as of early 2018. Zoho provides various opportunities for freshers and professionals to start their path in Zoho corporation. 

Zoho has headquarters in various places like India, Australia, Canada, China, Denmark, Egypt, South Africa, United States, Mexico, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, United Kingdom, Malaysia, and many geographical locations.

In all these locations, it provides industrial services like Accounting, Advertising Agency, Agriculture, Automobile, Automotive, Aviation, BI Solution Providers, Banking, Building Materials, Business Process Outsourcing, Business Services, Chemicals, Commerce, Construction, Consultancy, Consumer Services, Copywriting, and Communications, Digital Marketing, Education, Engineering, Graphic Design, HR & Recruitment, Healthcare, IT Services/IT Security, Industrial Automation, Information Management Software, Information Technology and Services, Research & Development, Telecommunication, Website Development, and many more services are provides by Zoho Corporation. 

Further, it provides product-based software like Zoho Analytics Zoho Assist, Zoho Backstage, Zoho CRM (customer relationship management), Zoho Invoice, Zoho Mail, Zoho Work Drive, accounting, helpdesk, and many app-based services for customers and businesses. 

In all these industrial-based services, many opportunities are piled up for freshers. Zoho offers more than 800 different jobs alert and job vacancies for fresher. According to the data, Zoho has over 700 positions on LinkedIn for each job role, making up over 4000 Zoho jobs for freshers and professionals worldwide. 

This blog will discuss the Zoho interview process, Zoho salary for freshers, eligibility criteria, types of job roles, both technical and non-technical, and skills required to start your career in Zoho. 

Zoho has both technical and non-technical job vacancies worldwide. Non-technical job vacancies like Product support (Support executives, leads, managers), Sales (Sales executives, Account managers, Business Process Manager, Reginal account Managers, Management Information System executives, Sales Directors), Marketing (Analysts, writers, Managers). 

If you are the Marketing Analyst, you will be responsible for:

  • Gather information about your competitors’ marketing strategies, sales prices, and brand distribution.
  • Data on market conditions and consumer trends should be gathered and analyzed.
  • Find out what customers think, what they buy, what they desire, and what they need.
  • Create and assess data collection techniques such as surveys and polling data.
  • Create techniques and criteria to examine the effectiveness of current marketing, advertising, and networking activities.
  • Analyze and anticipate branding trends, identifying new venture and promotion opportunities.
  • Collaborate with organizational units to provide clients and management with concise reports.

So, these will be your responsibilities if you land your job as Marketing Analyst. 

Now, the freshers have multiple Non-IT job openings like Data Entry, Marketing Analyst, Content Writer, and Digital Marketing. 

Now, we shall have an overview of types of technical jobs in Zoho and responsibilities in detail. 

Software Developer, IT Technical Trainer, AWS Solutions Architect, C Developer, Hardware Engineer, Lead Web Developer, Zoho Developer, Zoho One Developer, Cloud Operations Engineer, Java Developer, Software Quality Analysts, Cloud Zoho Developer, Web Developer, Mobile Developer, Technical Support Engineer, Lead Web Developer, Cloud Operations Engineer, etc. 

Mobile Developer

  • Create mobile apps that are scalable and dependable
  • Work closely with other developers, designers, and following attributes to manage and enhance the applications by enforcing quality at each stage of the development process.
  • Assess and implement new relevant technologies to increase production efficiency. 
  • Understanding of object-oriented engineering principles 
  • Strong knowledge of native application and related features 
  • Excellent communication skill

Zoho Developer

If you want to work as a Zoho developer, you should understand the platform. The following are the responsibilities:

  • You should be responsible for giving the best design layout and customer relationship management portal.
  • Knowledge of Zoho CRM
  • Programming skills in core java, Cascading Style Sheets, Hypertext Markup Language, Core Java.
  • Development and implementation of the ability to prepare database systems and present them properly. Understanding of SQL databases and data modeling techniques.

Now, we shall discuss basic qualifications and skills and Zoho freshers salary. 

Basic Qualifications

Bachelor’s in Engineering, Bachelor of Technology,  Electronics and Communication Engineering, Computer Science Engineering/IT, Bachelors of Computer Applications, Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Science, Master of Business Administration, and Computers/ IT.

  • Candidates should have more than 60% diploma and graduate degrees.
  • According to the description mentioned for the role, candidates can apply for the post.
  • At the time of the interview, the candidate should not have backlogs.  

Technical Skills

  • Knowledge in C  C++, Java, and JavaScript
  • HTML/CSS, XML, jQuery
  • Knowledge of SQL/NoSQL and user experience/user interface
  • Knowledge of Object-oriented Programming language
  • State Transfer Application Programming Interface and Application programming interface skills

Soft Skills

  • Customer managing skill
  • Communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Teamwork and leadership skills
  • Analytical thinking and reasoning skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Problem-solving skills

How to apply

  • Visit the company website www.zohocorp.com
  • At the end of the home page, you click the career bottom
  • It directs to the new page for your registration or Log in
  • Click the register button and enter your required details.
  • The details like name, mobile number, educational details, address details, email id, passwords, and other details required
  • Before clicking the submit button, check the details you have entered. 

Interview process

In the Zoho interview process, candidates should attain five rounds depending on the role they have applied for. If you have applied for a technical post, you should attend five rounds. 

  • Be prepared with a laptop with good internet connections.

Round 1

Aptitude test- Arithmetical, logical reasoning, time and distances, profit and losses, Simple interest, Compound interest, probability, Coding, Decoding, etc.

Round 2

Programming language testing rounds- Java, C++, Javascript, etc. This round can be online, so you should be prepared with the system, and the interviewer will ask you to write the code. Therefore, choose the language you want.

Round 3

Round three is also similar the round two. This round is based on the advanced scripting language. 

Round 4

Face-to-face interview, the interviewer will test your analytical abilities, problem-solving skills, and logical thinking. 

Round 5

HR Interview- in this round, the interviewer will ask you to introduce yourself, your qualifications, long-term goal, etc., to test your passion for the job. 

Zoho Salary for Freshers

Zoho pays an average salary of 7.3 lakhs for freshers. But the pay scale may differ from the job role, qualification, and skills. For example:

In India, a Software Developer will earn roughly Rs. 8.2 lakhs. Candidates with less than one to four years of experience will be paid this wage.

An hourly rate for a Zoho developer is roughly Rs 5 lakhs per year. It is also exclusively for starters, and the compensation may improve year after year.

The typical compensation for a basic level/fresher in digital marketing is around Rs 2.9 Lacs to 3.9 Lacs per year. This will be determined by various other elements such as skills, organization, and job location.

Now, you would have understood the Zoho freshers’ salary, qualifications, and interview process for freshers. So, we hope that these details will assist you in obtaining a job in Zoho.