Top 10 IT Jobs To Explore
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Top 10 IT Jobs To Explore

At present, IT is a demanding career field for freshers. Information technology careers have both tech and non-tech career jobs, and it offers various job opportunities for freshers. According to your qualification and skills, you can obtain a position in the IT field. There are multiple freshers job in this growing IT technology. 

It has wide-ranging enterprises to provide job opportunities for freshers. IT professionals are in high demand because they can assist others in keeping up with technological changes and security measures. We have listed types of IT jobs by average income in this post to help you choose the best career path and learn how much money you may make in these roles.

Information Technology Careers:

IT works are based on hardware or software development, security risk assessment, or technical assistance if their qualifications are technology-related. Many of these jobs provide progression prospects as well as good pay. To assist you in assessing your earning potential, below we have mentioned types of IT jobs and salaries in detail.

Network Administrator:

Network administrators work related to the technical field. They mainly work on networking, responsible for solving system-based problems. Data centers and data communications networks are upgraded and configured by them. They might also upgrade technology, set up new services, and keep track of data transmission.

Network administrators usually earn ₹4,80,000 per year, and usually, they will have the qualifications of IT-related degree and BCS. If you have completed additional courses relevant to your job role, you would have the opportunity of getting hired. 

User experience designer: 

A user experience (UX) designer is in charge of business development, including marketing, advertising, accessibility, and functionality. They gather and analyze consumer feedback to discover what a product requires to be more productive, practical, and profitable. They use this information to improve product development, administration, and performance.

UX designers earn an average salary of ₹5,60,844 per year. To become a UX designer, you can also take IT-related courses and complete web development and design courses. 

Mobile Developer

A mobile developer is responsible to designs and building apps for mobile systems like smartphones or tablets. A mobile developer’s average pay is around 1.5 Lakhs per year.

Database Administrator

Database administrators use special software for installation, integrity, and efficiency to manage and collect more data. These experts usually identify and resolve complicated IT challenges related to data security to ensure that an organization’s system is protected, secure, and easy to use.

To obtain this role in the IT field, you can take up a BSC course, and you earn an average pay scale of ₹6,50,350 annually. In this job role, you will get the position of a database developer to gain experience in data gathering and networking.

Software Application Packager: 

These professionals deploy the programs and verify them to ensure that they work properly. They have an average pay of ₹6, 60, 900 yearly.

To become a Software application packager, you can take up a bachelor’s degree in CS and IT. AS a Software application packager, you must have problem-solving and analytical skills.

Full-stack developer:

Full-stack developers work on both the back – end web or applications, including database management systems. “Frontend development” refers to how software interacts with its users, whereas “backend development” refers to the coding and technology that runs the program. These experts work on both aspects of a program to verify that the various components interoperate correctly.

To become a full-stack developer equipped with programming languages like Python, Java, and Cascading Style Sheets. And you can take perceive BCS and Bachelor of Mathematics degree. As a full-stack developer, you can earn ₹7,30,065 per year.

Senior Software Engineer:

Senior software engineers deploy their mathematical logic skills to develop and upgrade new software. They may work on business applications, system software, and networking process control, and these individuals frequently manage a team in developing new software applications.

To become a Software Developer, you should have completed a master’s degree in IT. To obtain this position, you need two to three years of experience. Additionally, it would be best if you were skilled in coding, Mathematical aptitude, and Problem-solving skills. An average pay scale is ₹7,85,490 per year.

Data Scientist:

A data scientist examines and analyzes data to identify patterns to impact business choices. Statistics and machine learning concepts are implemented to recognize the business need and utilize tools to collect and process data from a firm, such as financial documents, revenue, prospects, and competitive intelligence. And an average salary of a Data Scientist is around ₹8,30, 295 per year.

To become a Data Scientist, you must have completed a master’s degree in information technology or other branches related to the IT field. To become a Data Scientist, you should have in-depth skills in statistics, coding skills, Machine learning, Data Wrangling, and Deep Learning.

Cloud Engineer:

Cloud engineers are in charge of a firm’s cloud-based systems and procedures. They are responsible for establishing infrastructures using cloud providers like AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, etc. 

To obtain the role of cloud engineer, you can take up a Cloud computing course and a bachelor’s degree in an IT-related field. The average pay is around ₹9,60,200 per year.

Analytics Manager:

Analytics managers monitor and extract data from various apps to deliver company insights such as purchase tendencies. They convert data into valuable insights for a business by utilizing technological systems and techniques.

Math, statistics, or a similar field is required to become analytics managers. And they are responsible for creating software applications. The average pay scale for an Analytics manager is around ₹13,09,673 per year. It is the best career in the IT field.

Director of Information Technology:

A director of information technology is in charge of an organization’s IT planning and implementation. They ensure that department tasks are in accord with the long-term goals and growth. And they work with the administration to prepare backup plans, expenditures, and the company’s goals.

A master’s degree in IT and related industry qualifications, such as application management programs, may be required for this role. And certain years of experience are required for this job role. They earn an average pay scale of ₹13,36,800 per year.

Further, there are various jobs alert in IT professional jobs like Mobile developer, IT security specialist, IT coordinator, Web developer, Development operations engineer, Hardware engineer, Game developer, Systems analyst, Web developer, Help desk analyst, Web administrator, etc. 

By this, you would have understood the IT professional jobs and types of IT jobs and salaries. So, enhance your skills, choose the right career path, degree and get your dream job.