Tech Mahindra Salary For Freshers
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Tech Mahindra Salary For Freshers

Tech Mahindra represents the linked world, enabling Enterprises, Associates, and Society to RiseTM via creative and consumer information technology experiences. And it has USD 5.2 million firms with 1,30,205+ employees in 90 countries, serving 1060 global clients, including Fortune 450 companies.

Tech Mahindra is one of the fastest-growing companies globally, ranking in the top Fifteen IT service providers. It has its headquarters in Bangalore, Chennai, Nagpur, Singapore, Mumbai, Kolkata, South Korea, Indonesia, Colombia, United States of America, Canada, France, Australia, Germany, Denmark, and in many geographical areas. 

They primarily provide digital transformation for customers around the globe by integrating next-generation technologies such as 5G, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, and more.


Tech Mahindra Service solutions are tailored to our customers’ evolving needs and offer a wide range of services, from strategy development to impact delivery Infrastructure and Cloud Services, Experience Design Services, Business Process Services, Network Services, Testing Services, Business Excellence Services, Integrated Engineering Solutions, Performance Engineering, Telecom Product Engineering, Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing, Oracle, Enterprise of Future, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Customer Experience, Digital Supply Chain and Intelligent Automation.

Further, it provides various services like an operations support system and business support system, Network Technology Solutions & Services, Integrated Management systems, Tech Mahindra Business Service Group, etc.

Among various companies, it provides multiple services like agriculture, transportation, and property investment are all areas where it has a prominent presence. With a mission of driving good impact in the society of community organizations, the Mahindra Group has a greater focus on promoting ESG worldwide to enable rural prosperity and upgrade urban living. Due to its versatility and customer services, Tech Mahindra ranked the top 7 global brands in brand strength. And Tech Mahindra has been bolstering its international brand presence over the last year in order to deliver on its promise of a “Connected World.”

Moreover, it is recognized for various achievements, particularly for its awards. 

  • Mahatma Award 2021 for COVID-19 Humanitarian Efforts
  • Gold in CSR Times Awards 2020 for COVID Relief Program
  • CSR & COVID Relief Initiatives for the year 2020-21
  • The Golden Peacock award for HR Excellence
  •  ACE award for continuous excellence
  • FICCI CSR Awards 2020 for Skill Development and Livelihood and much more recognition for their excellence in IT and their services for customers. 

Every change has its path throughout its business development, with many uncertainties. Nevertheless, the team assists businesses in handling all transformation parameters, defining their technology strategy, and building digital planning and operational models. These are made possible by Tech Mahindra

  • Consumers should be integrated with product design.
  • Assist in the management of change among various stakeholders.
  • Recognizing the client’s company strategy as well as changes in market conditions.
  • With the appropriate business case, collaboratively create new business growth & technological framework methods and people capability development plans for execution.

Furthermore, Tech Mahindra provides has various job opportunities for the freshers and the professionals. Many job opportunities are piled up for fresher to start their career in Tech technology. 

Tech Mahindra offers various job opportunities and recruits more than 16,000 fresher in every departmental service regionally. And the recruitment increases every year by 15%. Overall they hire more than 9500 candidates in digital technology services. The total recruitment is 1,47,060. And demand may increase yearly according to the requirement. 

Now, we shall discuss the qualifications and skills you’ll need to work in Tech Mahindra technology.

Qualification Criteria

Tech Mahindra provides various job opportunities for freshers, but the job role, qualifications, and skills may vary. Now, we shall discuss the basic qualifications required for freshers. 

Bachelor of Technology, Bachelor of Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Electronics and Communications Engineering, TELECOM, Electromagnetic Interference, Computer Science & Information Technology.

  • Mark should be obtained more than 60% with a full-time degree certificate.
  • The same percentage should be in 10th, 12th, under graduation, and post-graduation.
  • One year of the gap is accepted in any academic study.
  • Candidates can participate in the campus selection process.


To land your career in IT technology, you should have technical and soft skills. 

Technical Skills

  • Reasoning and analytical skills
  • Problem-solving and programming language skills like Python, Java, Artificial Intelligent, Automation Testing, .Net, Networking skills.

Soft Skills

  • Organization skill
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork skill
  • Communication skill
  • Project management

These are the basic skills required to start your career in Tech Mahindra, but the skill may differ depending on your experience and job role. For example, if you are applying for Automation Engineer, you should have the skills like:

  • Automation testing skills and its stools
  • Programming language skills like Python, Ruby, Pearl, PHP, etc.
  • Selenium testing tools
  • Web & Mobile Technologies
  • coding experience
  • Software Development Life Cycle
  • Agile Testing, etc. 


Tech Mahindra provides the best training for the freshers for three months. The main aim of this training program is to recruit more than 3200 candidates and impart them with necessary technical skills.

The fresher can improve the industrial relevant skill throughout this training program. During this program, the recruiter would test the eligibility of the candidate, and after completion of this training program, freshers will be offered a position.

Job Roles

Tech Mahindra has various job opportunities for freshers. The job roles are Test Engineer, Technical Support Associate, Program Manager, Software Engineer, Tech Lead, Technical Support Executive/ Network Engineer, System Engineer, and many more. 

So, you will find multiple opportunities to start your career in Tech Mahindra technology. Now, we shall discuss how to apply and the types of rounds conducted in the interview.

How to apply 

Visit Rech Mahindra’s official website at

Go to the “Careers” section of the website.

Go to the link and click it.

Depending on your qualifications, you can choose from various career options.

Fill up the blanks with the correct information.

Submit the form by clicking the “submit”.

Make a note of the password and identification for future reference.

Interview Process

  • Online Aptitude Round.
  • Essay Writing Round.
  • Technical Round.
  • HR Round.

Online Aptitude Round

In the Online Aptitude round, you can expect the questions from English Grammar, comprehension, verbal and non-verbal reasoning questions. In this round, you will be presented with 75 questions. 

The time limit for this round is 50 minutes. Furthermore, no points are deducted for incorrect answers.

Essay Writing Round

In essay writing, you will be shown a picture on the screen. With the aid of the picture, you have to write 200 words, and only fifteen minutes will be given. 

Technical Round

After completing your written test, you need to complete your technical round. So, before attending the interview, prepare subject-oriented skills. 

Concentrate on the subjects like Data structure, Object-oriented programming system concepts, networking, database management system, computer science, and programming skill. 

Coding skills in Java, Python, PHP, C C++ will be tested during the interview.

HR Round

It is the common interview process. In this round, the interviewer will ask you to introduce yourself, your qualifications, salary expectations, company, experience, ability to work, and weaknesses. 

Tech Mahindra Salary for Freshers

Tech Mahindra freshers’ salary depends on their qualification, skills, and experience. Freshers are paid around 2.6 lakhs per year, and it may range from 3.5 lakhs depending on their skills. This salary is also applicable for the candidate with less than one year of experience. 

For example, India’s software engineer Fresher pay scale may be around ₹3,88,967 per year.

You should now be familiar with how to begin your career path and Tech Mahindra fresher salary. However, as compared to other IT firms, Tech Mahindra pays well, and it is also regarded as one of India’s best-paying firms.