Sutherland Salary for Freshers
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Sutherland Salary for Freshers

Sutherland is the worldwide service provider of business process outsourcing and IT-based services. As it provides various transformational services, they have achieved their aim of reaching more than 42 million transactions which are predicted to be reached more than 42 business clients word wide. Because of their innovativeness, design, and insights have made global connectivity and become the backbone to various organizations and business growth that span more than 150 clients. 

Further, they have executed a highly demandable strategy among various customers and clients, making them accelerate more efficiently to bring out high-demand outcomes. 

Moreover, Sutherland is one of the largest independent Business process outsourcing companies, which have employed more than 35,000 professionals across 42+ countries. Sutherland has headquarters and offices in various places located in India, the United States, Bulgaria, Canada, Malaysia, Jamaica, United Kingdom, Colombia, United Arab Emirates, China, Philippines, Mexico, Sweden, Brazil, Estonia, Morocco, Egypt, Slovakia and in many more geographical locations. 

Furthermore, Sutherland provides multiple services for clients and businesses. In industrial-based services, it provides services like Banking & Financial Services, Insurance, Communications, Media & Entertainment, Healthcare, Retail & Consumer, Packaged Goods, Technology, Travel, Transportation, Hospitality & Logistics, and Mortgage Services.

In Digital Transformation. Sutherland provide services like Sutherland Labs, Analytics & Artificial Intelligence, Content Services, Insight & Design, Market Intelligence & Research, and Transformation Engineering

Digital Engineering offers multiple services like Enterprise Services, Technology Services, Salesforce Center of Excellence, Quality Assurance Center of Excellence, and Marketing Automation Center of Excellence.

Sutherland is the right place for freshers to start their careers. As the report stated, the previous year’s job alert in Sutherland has increased 25%, and now Sutherland planned to recruit more than 15,000 freshers and professionals globally. In, Sutherland posted more than 4850+ jobs for various job roles.

The headcount may differ depending on locations and requirements. Globally they planned to hire more than 7000 employees in the next ten months, out of which 2000-3000 employees will be in India.

Now, we shall discuss the types of jobs in Sutherland, the interview process, required qualifications, basic skills, and Sutherland salary for freshers.  

Types of jobs in Sutherland

Associate – CS Internet, Customer Service Representative, Customer Service Associate, Customer support Associate, Technical support, Senior Infrastructure professional, Non-Voice & Voice, Tamil voice process, Customer Service consultant, Internation voice process, financial and accounting, HR, Associate – retention consultant, RPA Developer, Software Engineer, Associate-IT helpdesk, Python Developer, Software Test Engineer, Technical Architect, and various job roles. 

For example, if you are an RPA developer, you should have specific skills and qualifications to obtain that role.

RPA Developer

  • Experienced in process automation and development for a variety of operating systems.
  • Should be multi-skilled and understand the complete software development lifecycle and tools.
  • Communicates with customers to obtain the knowledge needed to develop automation solutions.
  • Innovative and creative thinking is required. 
  • Continuous Deployment, Continuous Integration, Test Automation Development, Cloud Development, and data protection are all skills you should have.
  • Analyzes complicated, multi-disciplinary business issues and has experience with front-office and back-office automation in a significant business/IT transformation effort.


If you are fresher, you should have these basic skills to become an associate. 

  • Good communication skills
  • Experience with Customer Relationship Management or Point-of-Sale Software.
  • Focus on customer needs
  • Deep understanding of a business and product.
  • Delivering the product on a timely basis
  • You should have problem-solving and decision-making skills.

Test Engineer

If you are a test engineer, you should have these skills and responsibilities to become a test engineer

  • DevOps & Agile Process
  • Automation testing
  • Website & Mobile Applications
  • Software Development Life Cycle
  • Logical Thinking & Analytic Thinking
  • Networking and communicating skills
  • Project Management and programming skills. 

Python Developer

  • Basic knowledge in front-end development and Python frameworks 
  • Experience in coding and problem-solving skills
  • Troubleshooting and unit testing skills 
  • Hypertext Markup Language5, JavaScript, and Cascading Style Sheets3 are examples of front-end technology.

These are the essential skills for a python developer. Now, we shall discuss the Sutherland global services salary for freshers, qualifications criteria, basic skills, and the interview process in Sutherland. 

Basic Qualifications

Masters of Computer Application, Bachelor’s in Engineering, Bachelor of Technology, Computer Science Engineering, Information technology, Bachelor of Computer Science, Bachelor of Computer Applications – Master of Computer Applications, Master of Engineering, Master of Technology, Master of computer science.

A candidate must have a minimum grade-point average of 60% in the 10th and 12th grades.

A candidate must have a minimum of 60 percent graduation grade point.

Candidates applying to Sutherland technology can take a maximum of one year off.

A candidate should not have any outstanding backlogs during the interview process.


  • Leadership skills
  • programming skills –  Coding experience in Java, spring, Html
  • Experience in Docker, Kubernetes 
  • Excellent Data Mining skills
  • Ability to consider business implications and ability to work accordingly
  • Ability to analyze data, identify patterns, and recommend necessary changes
  • Strong communication skills, both verbally and in writing; ability to communicate in a clear, precise, and professional manner.

How to apply

Visit the company website

Or find recent jobs alert in Naukri or for the current job vacancy.

You can apply through an online portal and fill out the details like username, email ID, password, mobile number, etc. 

Now, you can submit your document with the resume. 

Then you can upload your photo and documents, if mandatory. 

Interview Process

  • Communication Skills Round
  • Online Assessment
  • Technical Interview
  • HR Interview

We shall now discuss the section-wise interview process in Sutherland and the types of questions asked in each round. 

Quantitative Aptitude

Probability, Averages, Time Speed & Distance, Time & Work, Profit & Loss, Ratio & Proportion, Algebra, Simple & Compound Interest, Percentage, Logarithms, etc. 


Puzzles, Coding-Decoding, Problem Solving, Verbal Reasoning, etc.


Reading Comprehension, Error Spotting, Synonyms & Antonyms, Phrase Replacement, etc.

 Technical Round

This section consists of four subsections: pseudocode, C, Operating system, and Structured Query Language.

Then finally, HR round. In this round, the recruiter asks questions about you, your qualifications, your hobbies, recent project you have done, or the experience and salary you expect. 

Sutherland salary for freshers

The fresher’s salary in Sutherland depends on the candidate’s qualifications and skills. If you are a Customer Service Associate, you will be paid around ₹2.5 Lakhs per year.

In India, the average salary for an Automation Test Engineer with less than 1 to 5 years of experience is paid around Rs. 5 lakh.

The average pay for a Software Developer at Sutherland Global Services is around 4.5 lakhs per annum.

Now, you would have understood the types of jobs in Sutherland, qualification, basic skills, Sutherland global services salary for freshers, interview process, and types of questions asked in the technical interview process.