Machine Learning Engineer Salary for Freshers
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Machine Learning Engineer Salary for Freshers

Machine Learning Engineer jobs are the best in the world, coming in at number one on the list. Machine Learning experts with skills and training are in high demand right now, and this need will grow shortly.

Now is the opportunity to begin a career in Machine Learning. The most significant part about just a career in machine learning is that it offers a high entry level machine learning engineer salary, rapid career growth, job satisfaction, and job security. This shows how vital it is in machine learning to think about a career.

You should pay attention to a few things before you start your career in machine learning. They include the skills you need for a job in machine learning, a few machine learning projects you can work on to improve your skills, the best skills to include in your resume and a clear understanding of the different types of careers you can have in machine learning.

Why careers of Machine learning for freshers?

A report from a U.S. research agency says that the machine learning market will be worth incredible job opportunites in a higher percentage of machine learning salary in India for freshers than what is worth right now. Similarly, a report from the online job site says that the demand for AI-based jobs has tripled in many years.

Big companies are investing in this technology

  • Big tech companies like Amazon, Facebook, Cisco, IBM, and others are now putting a lot of money and time into learning about and using machine learning and AI’s benefits.
  • Amazon, for example, has made Alexa, an intelligent home assistant. 
  • Google is also researching and building devices that can pick out a single voice from a crowd, and Microsoft is trying to make assistants that can speak more than one language. 
  • Several AI and machine learning startups find it easy to get money from investors.

It’s a skill

  • It’s more of a skill that a beginner can learn by taking machine learning courses and earning a high machine learning fresher salary in India and then reading and researching the internet. 
  • Even though this technology is still early, it can be mastered with practice. 
  • Because this technology is based on skills, even people who don’t know much about computers can understand, learn, and use machine learning solutions in real life. 
  • For instance, a civil engineer could use machine learning algorithms to predict when bridges, roads, and other things must be fixed. 
  • In the same way, a marketing manager could use machine learning to recommend products to users based on their past purchases.

Competition is Less

  • Machine learning remains in its initial stages, so getting into it is easy with many job opportunites
  • Many people want these jobs for higher machine learning fresher salary.
  • If you have the skills, you are at the start of a promising and well-paying career.

Multiple Job Roles

  • If you go down the path of machine learning, you can do many different jobs that pay well and are fun and exciting. 
  • For example, you could become a data scientist whose main job is analyzing data from various sources. 
  • You could also become a Machine Learning Engineer in charge of coding and developing algorithms. 
  • The role of a research scientist, which pays well, requires knowledge of distributed computing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Packages are good

Due to the high demand for people with the right skills and the low number of people who have them, a machine learning and AI-based job can get higher entry level machine learning engineer salary per month for a new hire. Once you have enough experience, these numbers could drastically increase.

Scope for Machine Learning Engineer

  • Becoming a Machine Learning Engineer is one of the best and most possible Data Science career paths.
  • Machine Learning Engineers main job is to use algorithms and tools for machine learning to design and build scalable machine learning models based on statistical analysis and earn a high machine learning salary in India for freshers.
  • Machine learning has been for a long time. But it has only recently become much more beneficial to smaller companies and startups as system power has increased.
  • With this growth, it’s easy to think that machine learning is just a hyped-up technology that won’t be around in a few years. 
  • Deep understanding gets a lot of attention, but it’s just a part of machine learning. 
  • Using statistics to solve a problem, you could say you are using machine learning.

Let us know what is Machine Learning

Machine learning (ML) is a form of AI which focuses on making systems that learn from the data they take in and get better at what they do. Artificial intelligence is a term for systems or machines that attempt to behave as people do.

Who is a Machine Learning Engineer?

Engineers who work on machine learning are essential data science team members. Their jobs include researching, building, and designing the artificial intelligence that helps machines learn and keeping and improving the AI systems already in place with a high entry level machine learning engineer salary.

Often, a machine learning engineer will also be a critical communicator with other data science team members. They will work directly with the data scientists who create the models for building AI systems and the people who build and run them.

Why certifications in Machine Learning for freshers?

  • A machine learning certification can help you in many ways, like improving your resume and getting potential employers attention. 
  • If you get certified, you might learn about the latest changes to algorithms and processes and different theories, like game theory and information theory.
  • One might wonder why learning is such an essential part of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to get a good machine learning fresher salary in India.
  • Certifications in machine learning teach computers to handle data like humans by making them think like people. 
  • But for this to match human skills, the data that goes into it has to be very advanced and reasonable. 
  • For this to work, the code and algorithms must be accurate and find patterns.
  • If you want to work in Machine Learning freshers jobs, it’s best to have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Computer Science and a background in statistics. 
  • To add to this, there is a long list of certifications that can be done to become a Machine Learning Engineer.

Machine Learning Engineer Salaries

Machine learning is still in high demand, but hiring people with the right skills comes first. There is always a need for engineers like these. The list goes on and on. This is the most important reason why machine learning salary in India for freshers are so high. The growing number of MI engineers pay also increases with the amount of experience.

Many influencing factors affect the machine learning Engineer’s salaries. Below are the factors.

  • Experince
  • Location
  • Organization
  • Skills

Let us discuss the different salaries on the influencing factors.

Salary of a machine Learning Engineer as per experience

When you join a company for the first time, you will get an entry-level machine learning engineer salary, which might not be very high. But your pay will go up as you get more experience. Here is the evidence that Machine Learning Engineer salaries are based on experience.

  • At the beginning of a career as a machine learning engineer, the starting salary is about 3.4 LPA.
  • The salary for a mid-level Machine Learning Engineer is about 7 LPA.
  • The Machine Learning Engineer with the most experience gets paid 11 LPA.

Salary of a Machine Learning Engineer as per the Location

Most of the time, a machine learning fresher salary in India changes based on where they work. As there are a lot of businesses in most big cities, there are also a lot of organizations in those cities, so more Machine Learning Engineers are hired in those cities. Let’s find out how much Machine Learning engineers are starting to make in each city.

  • In Bangalore, the salary for a Machine Learning Engineer is 4.5 LPA.
  • In Chennai, the salary for a junior machine learning engineer is 3.2 LPA.
  • The salary of the Machine Learning Engineer in Hyderabad is 2 LPA.
  • In Pune, the salary for a Machine Learning Engineer is about 2.5 LPA.
  • The Machine Learning Engineer in Mumbai makes 3.45 LPA
  • The Machine Learning Engineer’s salary in Delhi is 2 LPA.
  • In Kolkata, the salary of a Machine Learning Engineer is 3.25 LPA.

Salary of a Machine Learning Engineer as per Organization

As mentioned above, many companies are hiring Machine Learning engineers and offering a good salary for new Machine Learning engineers. Because the company is significant, the pay for Machine Learning Engineer will also be higher. However, your skills are also essential in large companies, where you will compete with many other people. Let’s look at how well companies are paying Machine Learning engineers.

  • TCS: 3.9 LPA
  • Wipro: 4.3 LPA
  • Mindtree: 3.5 LPA
  • Infosys: 4.22 LPA
  • Cognizant: 3.8 LPA
  • Amazon: 3.66 LPA

Salary of Machine Learning Engineer as per skills

If you are a fresher with the right skills, you can always find a great job as a Machine Learning Engineer with a high entry level machine learning engineer salary. So figure out all the skills you need to become a Machine Learning Engineer and work on them because there is a lot of competition in this field. Let’s look at how the pay varies based on the skills.

  • Machine Learning – 3.5 LPA
  • Python – 3.6 LPA
  • Natural Language Processing(NLP) – 3.25
  • Data Engineering (Data Engineer)- 3.45 LPA
  • Data Scientists-2.75 LPA
  • Software Development (Software Developer)- 2.5 LPA

Skills required for a Machine learning Engineer

  • Machine learning is based on the fields of mathematics and computer science.
  • They are in charge of making algorithms and programmes for machines, so they need to be good at the following skills:
  • Putting math to use in machine learning has many benefits.
  • In terms of technical skills, every machine learning engineer must have strong computer science and programming background.
  • This skill is closely related to many computer languages, such as Python, Spark, SQL, Apache Kafka, etc.
  • Able to write code in Java and Python.
  • You need to know the basics of math and probability, algorithms and statistics.
  • You can learn skills like data modelling, software architecture, and data structures to get a high machine learning salary in India for freshers.

Responsibilities of a Machine Learning Engineer

  • Analyze data science prototypes and make them better.
  • Make systems that can teach themselves.
  • Choose the right ML tools and algorithms and use them.
  • Make applications that use machine learning that follows the rules.
  • Choose the best data sets and ways to show the data.
  • Use machine learning to test and try things out.
  • Use the results of the tests for statistical analysis and to improve things.
  • Retraining systems as needed and training in machine learning frameworks and libraries as needed.
  • Watch the changes in the market.


Machine learning is becoming more popular and is used in almost every field. Whether it’s medicine or cybersecurity, all these fields look into what machine learning can do. You should learn more about ML and become a Machine Learning Engineer to earn a high entry level machine learning engineer salary. This could even be a great career move! So check out all of these skills and gain knowledge of them so you can enhance your abilities and get your dream job as a Machine Learning Engineer.