Non-IT Jobs

Top 10 Highest Paying Non-IT Jobs

Are you looking for the highest paying non technical jobs? Having glanced through ads of various technology organizations in India notifies us that these organizations are not merely hiring for entrenched technical positions.

In this blog, we have compiled a list of non technical IT jobs, and these job details are applicable for fresher, intermediate, and professionals. This will aid you in having a better understanding of non-technical jobs in the tech field.

There are various freshers jobs in the present technology, and the recent survey states that more than 50% of jobs alert is in non-tech-based industry. So, there are multiple opportunities for both freshers and professionals in Digital Marketing, SEO, Designer, Business Development Manager, Legal Counsel, Technical Writer, Content Manager, Quality Assurance Manager, and many more. Now, we shall discuss in detail:

Business Analyst

A Business Analyst examines the organization’s processes, procedures, and marketing strategy to determine how it incorporates technology. The business analyst must be concerned about developing business and capital investment to take a large turnover. The average salary is around ₹608,309.


  • Analyze current trend sales in the market
  • Identifying the competitors
  • Following strategies to attract the clients and buyer
  • Identifying and analyzing the customer’s needs and priorities
  • provide customized services
  • And executing effective performance to make a large turnover.

Market Research Analyst

It is one of the highest Non-IT Jobs and Market research analysts creates and build marketing strategies for a company’s products and services. The average pay scale is ₹355,546.


  • Examine various data collection methods, such as surveys, assessments, and polling results.
  • Statistical analysis is performed, and the data is implemented in tabular format and reports.
  • Use diagrams, maps, and other PowerPoint slides to present your data.
  • Assist the customers and introduce new products to the clients for business development.
  • Take marketing-based decisions. 

Digital Marketing Strategist

Digital marketing strategist connects organizational goals with relevant internet marketing platforms and channels. To become a strong firm, You’ll need a fundamental knowledge of promotional strategies and content marketing and a strong working understanding of the internet and digital technology to build a name for yourself. The average pay is around ₹726,150.


  • Execute the plan and provide the best service to the customers
  • In charge of introducing new products and services to clients and customers using the most up-to-date technologies.
  • Analyzing market-based technologies, tools, and techniques.
  • Executing the plan and achieving the long term goal
  • Working for business outcomes and gaining efficient turnover.
  • Working on Search Engine Optimization( SEO) to achieve large customers
  • managing the process like Paper- per- Click(PPC) and advertisement
  • Gathering reports from digital marketing campaigns
  • And teamwork management for providing the best outcome.

Social Media Manager

More than 350 million people are actively participating in the social media platform. And it is the highest paying non-technical job. This professionalism analyzes the marketing strategies to promote their business. The main focus of this marketing is to push their domine by actively updating valuable and relevant content. Social media sites like Twitter, Insta, Facebook, and others are used for this type of marketing. The primary purpose of this social media marketing is to increase trademark attention and customer engagement. The average pay scale is around ₹346,140.


  • Create, implement, and execute the social media technique of a company
  • Confine social media Key Performance Indicators and refer to content
  • Maintain the quality of social media posts by working with copywriters and designers.
  • Keep on updating new trends in the social media platform
  • Reporting up-to-date information to the administrator and also dealing with the budget-oriented report.

Business Development Manager

Business developers are responsible for connecting a company’s new and existing customers. They transmit data about the company’s products and services, as well as new business prospects. A Business Development Manager’s starting salary is roughly INR 23,000 per month. After gaining specific years of experience, the pay may increase to ₹6,00,000.


  • To identify sales leads
  • Prospective clients to promote product and service offerings
  • To maintain good working relations with clients
  • To oversee marketing literature and prepare reports
  • To provide feedback to decision-makers in the organization

Advertising and Media Professional

It is the best high paying non technical jobs. Advertising and social media marketing is an equally competitive and profiting field. The compensation scale could rise to INR 8,30,900 depending on their education, skills, and performance.


  • Make advertising strategies to reach the populations 
  • Competitive analysis, data gathering, and analytical insights
  • To spread the advertisements, choose the appropriate media.
  • Maintain positive relationships with the customers
  • To determine the significance of ideas, put them to the test and estimate them regularly.

Graphic Designer

Graphic design is a creative career path that is open to people with backgrounds in fields other than technology. The work is based on creative and innovative ideas to satisfy customers’ needs. The average salary is around ₹300,416.


  • Responsible for logo designing, icon designing, vector designing, image editing, website layout designing, mobile app layout, etc., come under the digital works.
  • Creating pamphlets, brochures, visiting cards, banners, package designing, Newspapers, magazine creation, etc., come under the printing work.

Technical Writer

Gathering, documenting, and delivering content to customers designers is what technical writing entails. This non-tech job is a feasible choice for individuals with a degree in IT-related courses, mainly computer engineering courses. The technical writer earns an average salary of ₹490,80.

Content Manager

Content managers are in charge of managing digital media content. The average pat scale for the content manager is around 508,940.


  • Organize content teams, including copywriters
  • Develop and engage online forum.
  • Stay updated on what’s trending in the community and how content tactics are implemented.

Customer Relationship Manager

Customer relationship management is a career option for people with a background in business management or information-related fields. After years of experience, you might be able to get a role as an account manager. Customer Relationship Manager earns the average salary of INR 7,20,215


  • Make strong relationships with the clients and customers.
  • Problem-solving skills to compromise customer queries.
  • Outsourcing on time and satisfying the customer needs
  • Updating latest products to the customer and giving quick response
  • Keep tracking clients’ needs and reviewing the organization’s performance from customer relationship management.

Furthermore, there are various non technical IT jobs like Marketing Manager, Management Consultant, Investment Banker, Legal Counsel, Quality Assurance Manager, Product Manager. 

Now, you would have understood the high paying non-technical jobs, and to get into the non-technical IT jobs, you need to equip yourself with communication skills, soft skills, and practical experience.