Fly To Foreign Countries With Ease
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Fly To Foreign Countries With Ease

The process of getting visas and staying in a foreign country is a nightmare to many Indian citizens. The overwhelming experience from the Indian’s staying in foreign countries creates the path for young Indians to live a lavish life in foreign countries. Student visa, tourist visa and stay visa have differentiation in the process and documents to be submitted. The proof of finance along with the bank statement during your stay, the health condition along with the health insurance, travel history to other foreign countries, and keeping the address of someone staying in that country are some of the preparations needed to be done before traveling to abroad. Let me see some of the countries where the visa processing is easy to get and it becomes easy to fly to foreign countries with ease.


Ireland allows the students from the USA after the graduation to stay in their country without any documentation for a period of 90 days. The cost of registration for the immigration in the Irish residence permit is $369. For joining relatives in the country the period is prolonged to extent of above three months. To get a work permit also the applicant need to apply with a cost of 1,000 dollars. Ireland provides work permit only to certain types of work.

New Zealand

The initial step to enter the country to work is to get a work visa which is called as a talent work visa. This will allow an individual to live in that country for a period of two years. After this period, if the list of the conditions is satisfied then the applicant can apply for the permanent visa.


Those who want to travel to Singapore can apply to the visa online and all the required documents are submitted online. The processing time for the application is six or more months and the cost of the application is 100 dollars or 25o dollars. IF the salary limit is above 3,600 then the traveler is allowed to stay in the country for a period of two years and after that, it is renewed. Singapore welcomes the business people as it is the land of commercials and there is no agricultural production in Singapore. If the business people have proven track record then they can switch to Singapore and they come under the global investor program.


For the temporary work stay or studying the country has options and extended help. Canada encourages the self-employment and people interested in the culture, sports and farming are given emphasis when issuing the work permit. They fall under the self-employed person program and they become the permanent resident if they apply under the respective scheme. After becoming a permanent citizen they are entitled to the taxes of the country and they enjoy the sole benefits of citizenship.


The information’s needed to apply to the visa of the Spain country is available in the official website and the translation of the language with the help of the Google help the individuals to apply for the visa. For working professionals, the work permit goes for one year to two years. For the temporary visit, the permit ranges from 90 days to five years. Fees are collected at the Euros and there are huge opportunities in the country for the teachers, scientists, researchers, media correspondents, and artists.

Before applying to the visa think wise and make a list of the documents to be submitted. First, check the opportunities, list out the documents needed, and acquire help from the relatives of friends staying abroad. Thus all these preparations and information makes your search confined to the job requirement and helps to land yourself in the job which suits you.