Data Scientist Salary for Freshers
Data Science

Data Scientist Salary for Freshers

Some of the world’s most popular and fastest-growing jobs are in Data science. The role of Data scientists has grown by leaps and bounds, and this growth doesn’t look like it will stop soon. In the near future, the need for people with Data science skills will rise by a high percentage.

People with analytical skills are in high demand worldwide, which could be in the millions. Data Scientists need to know about data analysis, mining, and handling that will drive the company’s decisions. Pay for data scientists has increased, and most people expect to make a high data scientist salary in India. Our blog details why data science is in demand, a good career choice, and the data scientist’s salary.

Data science is in demand and a good option for a career

  • As we know, there are plentiful freshers jobs for graduates such as data scientists.
  • In recent days making business choices on data has become the standard in most organisations and increased the demand for data scientists.
  • Any business, no matter how big or small will need people who can get data and understand it. 
  • “Hot jobs” refer to a wide range of jobs for data scientists with various skills in applied math, statistical data, model construction, market insights, and analytics.

Top Reasons to choose Data Science Careers for freshers

Data science is a big field, and many aspects have clear advantages and disadvantages. So now we’ll talk about the good of data science and salary of data scientist in India.

Top 10 Good Things About Data Science 

It is very popular

  • The demand for data science increases as more organisations are implementing it. 
  • If you want a new job, you can choose from several options with data scientist salary in India for freshers
  • Career function is growing the fastest by Data Science. 
  • Data scientists can help businesses grow independently.

Different positions in Data Science

  • To be a successful data scientist, you need to know many different things and have a lot of specialised training and qualifications. 
  • When compared to other IT fields, data science is successful. 
  • Because data science is so big and has many jobs for freshers, it is easy to find work in the field. 
  • Data science has a long list of open jobs, but few skilled people are qualified to fill them.

A Good-Paying Job

  • Data science is a job that pays well on average. 
  • Data science is one of the best-paying jobs. 
  • According to reports, Data scientists make about 4 LPA a year. Because of this, data science is a very interesting field to study.

Data science can be used in many fields

  • A data scientist knows almost everything and can build anything from scratch based on what is known.
  • There are many ways to use data science. 
  • It is used in many fields, such as health care, business, finance, and e-commerce. 
  • The field of data science is a very big one.
  • This means you will be able to learn about different kinds of jobs with good data scientist fresher salary in India.

 Data science helps to get more data

  • Most businesses want their data scientists to be able to read and understand data. 
  • They are in charge of gathering data and making it work better. 
  • This shows the goals of data science to improve the data and make it better for business.

Data scientists are respected

  • Data scientists help companies figure out what to do next. 
  • Companies value the role of data scientists more and more, which helps them serve their customers better. 
  • This gives data scientists an important place in the company with data scientist salary in india.

 Jobs are not hectic

  • Data science has helped businesses do things that have been risky in the past. 
  • Automated evidence from the past is being used to teach computers how to do simple tasks. 
  • People who used to have hard jobs have found this to be helpful. 

Data science makes things better

  • Data science has helped businesses make better products that better meet the needs of their customers. 
  • Websites that use different recommendation systems, like online retailers, are another great example. 
  • This has made it so that machines can now understand what people do and use data to make decisions.

Learning more about data science will make you a better person with good knowledge of data science and earn a splendid salary of data scientist in India. If you chose to work in data science, you would have a lot of chances to grow as a person. Many jobs in data science help connect IT to the rest of the world.

 Certifications in Data Science

  • There are many courses that can help you get certified in Data Science. 
  • These classes teach important parts of Data Science, like how to programme, manage and improve data, access, transform, and manipulate data, and use important tools for working with data. 
  • Several of the best training institutes offer the best data science course. 
  • You can get trained and get a high data scientist salary in india for freshers.
  • The different institutes that offer certification courses have different course lengths and curriculums. 
  • Depending on their needs and priorities, one can take any course and get involved in making decisions in many different industries. 
  • Several institutes offer online courses in Data Science Certification. 

Does the Data Science course provide value for freshers?

  • Taking a Data Science certification course is worth it if you want to work in the most dynamic and important parts of the industry’s decision-making and talent acquisition processes. 
  • A data scientist can help manage and take part in many important parts of the business. 
  • They also tests the decision and gives evidence based on facts. 
  • The Data Scientist also has to find the right people to work for the company or industry and determine the opportunities. 
  • So, this course won’t make you feel bad about it later. Enrolling in this course might be the best decision you can make.

Salary of a Data Scientists

Let us discuss the salary of data scientist in india and the factors influencing them.

Let’s look at how much a data scientist makes on average in India and how much they make based on different aspects. In every industry, people are paid based on their skills and experience, but the location and the employer also play a role.

Different factors affect how much a data scientist gets paid.

  • Experience
  • Location
  • Skills
  • Company

We will talk about how much Data Scientist makes based on their experience.

Experience is one of the most important things in almost every field. But this is especially true about the salary of data scientist in india

Salary of a Data Scientist as per Experince

Young IT professionals are especially interested in a career in data because the more years of experience you have, the more money you make. In this section, we’ll look at how the pay of data scientists changes as they gain more experience.

  • The Entry level Data Scientists get a salary of 4 LPA.
  • The Mid-level data scientists get a salary of about 6 LPA.
  • The senior Data Scientist is paid a salary of approximately 8 LPA.

Salary of a Data Scientists as per the Location

Bangalore has the most jobs for data scientists and engineers and the highest annual data scientist salary in India. After this, Mumbai and Hyderabad come next. But Bangalore has the most startup jobs because it is the startup capital of India. Bangalore is the centre of India’s tech industry, so a data scientist’s salary is likely higher than in other cities.

  • Mumbai: 4.2 LPA
  • Bangalore:5 LPA
  • Chennai: 4 LPA
  • Pune: 3.5 LPA
  • Hyderabad: 4.2 LPA
  • Kolkata: 3.3 LPA

Salary of a Data Scientists as per the Organisation

More and more IT companies are starting these days, and developers have high expectations. Fresh graduates always try to find the best job profiles and fields. Recently, there have been a lot of high-paying jobs for people who can work in data science. Let’s look at the data scientist salary in India offered by different companies.

  • At Tata Consultancy Services, the salary for a new Data Scientist is about 3.7 LPA.
  • The starting salary for new Data Scientists at Mu Sigma is about 3.2 LPA.
  • The salary for a new Data Scientist at IBM is about 5 LPA.
  • Data scientist at Cognizant Technologies gets paid about 4.25 LPA.
  • A Data scientist at Accenture makes about 4.5 LPA a year.
  • The salary for a Data Scientist at Infosys is about 3.5 LPA.

Salary of a Data Scientists as per the Job roles

Data Science is vast. So, people work in many different areas. Let’s look at the roles in Data Science and how much they get paid in India.

Salary of a Data Scientists as per the Skills 

Having the right skills will fetch you a high salary of data scientist in India. You’ll need more than just a Postgraduate program and an understanding of the applications and tools used to manage data to have a good job in this field. Here’s more information about the salaries offered.

  • The Data Scientists having skills in R are paid a salary of 3.85 LPA.
  • The Data Scientists having Python skills earn a salary of approximately 4 LPA.
  • The Data scientist gets a salary of 4 LPA by knowing the concept of Artificial Intelligence.

Skills Required by Data Scientists

If you want to work in data science, you should know what skills you need. Below, we list the things a person must have to be a good data scientist.

  • You should be very good at either R or Python programming.
  • Strong understanding of advanced math concepts like linear algebra, probability, statistics, differential equations, and calculus.
  • Being able to communicate and write well is important.
  • Expertise in explaining scientific results in a way that is easy to understand.
  • Strong problem-solving aptitude.
  • Having the ability to use data to come up with business solutions.
  • Knowledgeable about how to use different machine learning and deep learning algorithms.
  • Experience in particular areas like Computational Linguistics, Machine Learning, etc. is a plus and can fetch you a high salary of data scientist in India.

Responsibilities of a Data Scientists

  • Obtain data.
  • Clean and process the data.
  • Integrate and store data.
  • Exploratory data analysis.
  • Choose one or more possible models and algorithms.
  • Use techniques from data science, such as machine learning, data techniques, and AI.
  • Measure results and make them better.
  • Show the final result to the people concerned.
  • Make changes based on what people say.


India has a very high demand for data analysts and data scientists. The data scientist salary in india and the demand for Data Scientists are increasing. We think you have seen the blog post about how much a data scientist in India gets paid. Each factor mentioned makes it easier and more impressive for people who want to work in data science to get jobs. This is because people who work in data science can get important information from many fields, such as finance, health care, and education. You can do many different things in this field and many jobs that pay well.