Capgemini Salary For Freshers
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Capgemini Salary For Freshers

If your dream is to start your career in Capgemini? Then it is the right choice to begin. Because it provides various opportunities for fresher, most of the students are recruited from the campus selection. So, if your dream is to land your professional career as a software developer or Web app developer, or anything you want to perceive, in that case, multiple opportunities are heaped in the Capgemini.

In India, it employs roughly 1,60,000 people in 14 different locations. According to the firm, they seek to help their diverse business while also making the world a more integrated and sustainable space.

Now, we shall discuss why Capgemini is the right choice, its journey of development and growth, and Capgemini fresher salary.

Capgemini is a multinational company that provides various services to the customers based on consulting, engineering services, technological services, and transformation. It offers creative and innovative services to the customer to satisfy and address their needs. Moreover, it connects the clients through cloud platforms and digital media.

Capgemini is a global leader in consulting, digital transformation, technology, and engineering services. The Group is at the forefront of innovation to address the entire breadth of clients’ opportunities in the evolving world of cloud platforms, digital, and media.

Capgemini is a french based multinational company. It is leading in business consulting and outsourcing services globally, with more than EUR 12. 7 billion in revenue. 

Through its technology-based services, it assists and supports its customers by extending its firm with the help of technology and digital services that accommodate their needs, thus encouraging them to reach elevation and innovation. Capgemini has over 3,00,000 employees in over  38 companies, of whom 1,28,000 are in India.

Capgemini has various branches and headquarters worldwide Mumbai, Trichy, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Noida, Salem, Gandhinagar, Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkata, Paris, France, and Chennai.

It is one of the top companies in all these geographical locations. It provides technological, consultancy, and engineering services to build an effective link between the client and the business.

Now, we shall discuss Capgemini fresher salary, eligibility criteria, skills required, and interview process in Capgemini. 

Among various IT companies, Capgemini is the best services provides like transformation and innovation, 

Business Services, Digital Services, Intelligent Industry, Supply Chain, Intelligent Industry, Technology Operations, Defense Manufacturing, Aerospace, Perform Artificial Intelligent, Cybersecurity, Cloud Services, Engineering Services, Finance, Agile and DevOps, Banking, Data engineering, and Mobility services for Banking. 

As it offered various services to clients and enterprises, it won the BIG Artificial Intelligence Excellence Award in 2021. further, it is also recognized for various awards such as:

  • Capgemini wins two 2020 Pega Partner Excellence Awards
  • Capgemini wins two 2020 Pega Partner Excellence Awards.
  • Capgemini scoops Frost and Sullivan’s ‘2019 Global Company of the year’ award.
  • Capgemini Group named a Leader in multiple IDC MarketScape Assessments.
  • Capgemini was named a Leader in digital banking by NelsonHall.

Therefore, Capgemini is a fast-growing industry developing technology-based innovativeness and customer-based services. So, candidates with the skills have wider opportunities to start their dream career in Capgemini.

As a providing statement to the previous line, Capgemini has hired more than 30,000 applicants annually from various geographical locations. Compared to previous years recruitment, it has increased by 25%. Eventually, Capgemini employs around 2,90,000 people worldwide. And 28% of the candidates are recruited from campus selection. 

Most crucially, applicants with skills in AI, cloud computing, R&D, and cybersecurity are sought out more than those with skills in other fields.

Qualification Criteria

Capgemini provides various opportunities for freshers and professionals. To start your career path in Capgemini, you should have the essential qualification to land your job in IT technology. 

Masters in Computer Application, Bachelor of Technology, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Engineer In Training, Telecome, Master of Science, Master of Engineering,  etc.

So, to get a job as a fresher, you should have these qualifications and academic criteria are:

  • More than 60% in 10th and 12th and graduation degree
  • Before applying for the job role, the candidate should not have any backlogs.
  • In diploma, you should have scored more than 50%. 
  • Candidates should not have more than one gap in their academic studies. 
  • The candidate should have completed a full-time course.
  • Applicant should complete their four years of studies completely.


Skills are essential to start a career. Every organization seeks a candidate with the skills to explore their talents and creativeness for the firm’s growth and development. 

Technical Skills

Soft Skills

  • Good communication skills
  • workshop facilitation
  • project management
  • team management and leadership skills
  • creative writing

These are freshers basic needs and competencies, although abilities will vary based on your employment role. For example, if you are a Full-Stack developer, the skill differs from other roles. The skills like:

  • Hypertext Markup Language and Cascading Style Sheets.  
  • JavaScript programming skill
  • Git and GitHub. 
  • Scripting skills in Python, Java, Ruby, PHP, and C#.
  • Web Infrastructure.
  • Database Management Systems.
  • Basic knowledge of Designs.
  • Representational State Transfer and Simple Object Access Protocol

Moreover, Capgemini offers various opportunities for freshers by organizing a training program. The main focus of this training program is to provide the best technical coaching for the candidate to learn about the corporate world. During this program, you can learn the basic technical concepts like HyperText Markup Language, Cascading Style Sheets, Javascript, Extensible markup language, database management system, UNIX, etc.

Further, you can learn more in-depth technical aspects and the companies’ culture. Each meeting has interesting and engaging tasks, with the narrative task, to make the learner more interactive. This program is conducted for self-disciplined people who are keen to learn the latest technology.

So, by participating in this program, you can understand the company culture and develop your technical skills. Moreover, Capgemini offers various job roles for freshers and professionals. 

The common job roles like Software Associate, Java Software Engineer, Software Engineer, Metrics Analyst, Senior Software Engineer, Test Analysts, Managing Delivery Architect, Associate Consultant, Data Analyst, Senior Programmer/Developer Consultant, JAVA Developer, Technical Lead, Senior Consultant, Manager, etc.

As a result, freshers will have numerous employment opportunities at Cognizant. You could have many questions about how to prepare for the interview phase and how to apply. We’ll go through this in more depth later.

How to apply

  • Visit the Capgemini portal or
  • Select the career page and fill out the details
  • Sometimes, you can refer to the particular jobs alert page to apply directly through that.
  • Fill out the details, click the submit, and save the details for your reference. 

Interview Process

Technical Assessment Pseudocode – Data Structures, Algorithms. 

Multiple Choice Question-based English Communication Test– Grammar, Quantitative Section, comprehension, and Logical Reasoning.

Game-Based Aptitude Test– Visual reasoning, Geometrical Sudoku, puzzles, Geometrical questions, mathematical based questions

Behavioral Competency Profiling– Communication abilities, Accomplishments, Cooperation, Handling Your Emotions and Interactional abilities

Technical & HR Interview: The questions will be related to your qualification and the role you have applied for. 

Capgemini Fresher Salary

Capgemini salary for freshers is based on their skills and qualifications. If you are a fresher, you will be paid around ₹3,97,935 per year, and increases to ₹4,28,213 per year based on their working experience. For example, the DOT NET Developer pay scale is approximately ₹ 6.2 Lakhs with two or more years of experience. 

If you start your career as a software engineer, you will be paid around ₹4,56,172 per year, and Java developers will receive 4 lakhs per annum.  

Now, you would have understood the Capgemini salary for freshers, eligibility criteria, skills, and the interview process. So, start your career in Capgemini; you need to upskill yourself and land your dream job.