AWS Developer Salary For Freshers
Freshers Salary

AWS Developer Salary For Freshers

The future is all about Computing. The post-pandemic world is gaining a much broader and deeper understanding of the cloud than it has ever been before. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s largest and most widely used cloud platform, and in the present cloud-gathering race, AWS developer salary in India is rapidly increasing.

Working with AWS provides freshers with a high level of development that is difficult to obtain elsewhere. It’s not hard to see why so many young, bright, skilled people want to work for Amazon, a billion-dollar corporation.

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Why choose AWS as your first career?

  • Designers from around the corporation explain why AWS is the greatest choice for advancing your career to the next level because of its innovative work, comprehensive culture, and collaborative team. 
  • AWS software designers are continuously raising the bar in terms of design greatness. 
  • When you work for Amazon Web Services, you will learn why everything we do has the potential to make a huge difference to customers around the globe.

Before discussing the AWS developer associate salary in India let us know what exactly is AWS.


  • Amazon Web Services is the full form. A platform provides flexible, dependable, versatile, easy-to-use, and cost-effective distributed computing solutions.
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a large-scale, simple-to-use registration platform. 
  • The stage is built using a combination of commitments from the Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and Software as a service(SaaS).

The services offered by AWS

  • Amazon Web Services provides storage, servers, remote computing, networking, mobile development, email, and security, to name a few.
  • According to Amazon, Netflix, Twitch,  and Adobe are among the 1,00,000 enterprises using Amazon Web Services for all their storage and computing needs.

Who is an AWS Developer?

  • In a word, an AWS developer is someone who has received the AWS developer certification. 
  • In the development group, an AWS developer has a variety of responsibilities, the most important of which is preparing applications or administrations within an organization. 
  • In addition to knowing how AWS works, the AWS developer should also grasp how it works with associations.

From the above explanation hope you have got an idea of the scope and the demand for the AWS Developers in the recent days and why choose AWS as your career.

Stay curious to know about the AWS certified developer associate salary in India in the below sections.

Scope for AWS Developers 

  • Individuals with AWS information have always been the most prominent component of any report, conversation, or news on IT skills and salary rates, for AWS Developers. 
  • This is to know in large part how quickly and in large numbers businesses have adopted AWS cloud administrations.
  • Individuals that aspire to work as AWS developers have a bright future in terms of salary and advancement in their respective fields. 
  • There are no limits to what you can get out of these jobs as you use them, gain knowledge, and become proficient with the little-known approaches. 

Factors Influencing AWS Developer salary

Some of the factors affecting the AWS developers salary India. Here is the list,

  • Location
  • Expertise
  • Organization
  • Skills and abilities

Freshers, if you are from any of these places, you can scroll down to see the salaries of all the major cities offering great salaries for the AWS Developers. 

  • The salary for an AWS developer in New Delhi is 3.8 LPA.
  • The AWS developer salary in India for fresher in Mumbai gets around 5 LPA.
  • The salary of an AWS developer in Chennai is approximately 3.22 LPA.
  • AWS Developers freshers in Hyderabad get 2.7 LPA.
  • The AWS developer’s salary in Kolkata gets 4 LPA
  • The salary of an AWS developer in Bangalore is 4.75 LPA

You can see there is a drastic variation in salaries in different locations. The AWS developers working in Bangalore and Mumbai get higher salaries. Henceforth, AWS developers have a great demand in Mumbai, Bangalore, and Kolkata.

Salary of an AWS developer in India according to Experience

Experience is the main concern for you to earn more salaries as an AWS developer. 

  • The salary of AWS developer in India having experience of less than one year earns around 4 LPA-5 LPA. 
  • If you are working as an AWS developer for more than a year and have developed some of the AWS skills, you will be paid a salary of about 8 LPA.
  • The Senior AWS developers having experience for more years will get 18 LPA.

As you see, there is a tremendous increase in the salaries of AWS developers as the experience goes up. 

Salary of AWS Developer as per the organization

Let us see the AWS developer salary India in different organizations. Freshers can be excited to see the different pay packages offered in their dream companies. 

  • Accenture: 4.3LPA
  • Tata Consultancy Services: 4.2 LPA
  • Erricson: 5 LPA
  • HCL Technologies: 2.98 LPA
  • Wipro: 4 LPA
  • Tech Mahindra: 3.5 LPA

Freshers, Start applying for the AWS developer jobs at your dream company. You can see there is a high salary offered for the AWS developers. As you know almost all the organizations implement AWS technologies so hence there are plentiful openings in most companies.

Salary for the AWS developer as per the skills 

Each organization has its own set of functional requirements, and when needed, they look for talented individuals with significant abilities and knowledge, increasing your chances of landing a high AWS developer salary.

When applying for an AWS Developer position in any organization, keep an eye on their abilities and job responsibility requirements and compare them to everything you learned. AWS Developer will also require to have soft skills like good communication skills, cognitive skills, and so on to convey the best of your knowledge!

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Try not to fall behind when it comes to honing your skills before applying for a job with such high demand.

Let us see how the salary differs as per the skills,

  • The Salary of a DevOps Engineer working in AWS is 3.5 LPA.
  • The salary of a Python AWS developer is approximately 3.7 LPA.
  • The salary of a JAVA AWS developer is 3.8 LPA.

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The above sections detailed you regarding the salary of AWS developer India and the factors influencing them. Freshers can feel overwhelmed by having a glance at these salaries and start applying for the AWS developer jobs. 

Skills required for an AWS developer

To accomplish OR if you have applied for an AWS developer role. Below are the skills you should possess to earn a profitable AWS developer salary in India.

  1. The AWS Cloud developer must know how to code which is the most essential ability.
  2. The freshers must be thorough in the programming languages such as C#, JAVA, PHP, ASP.Net, and Python.
  3. Understanding these languages is comparable to Cloud computing knowledge.
  4. Freshers having the system language knowledge can aid in creating the logical solutions and also the exposure to new technologies.
  5. Understanding VPC is a need for anyone wishing to pursue a career in the AWS environment. 
  6. I would advise every developer to learn about Lambda and Serverless engineering, as it will be your primary job as an AWS Developer to incorporate it in and out on a regular basis.
  7. Good at writing codes.

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Responsibilities of an AWS developer

  • Understanding an association’s application framework and developing proposals and ideas to enhance or improve it
  • Identifying the best practices and procedures related to application delivery and foundation maintenance.
  • Moving online apps to AWS in collaboration with the IT group or office.
  • Methodologies for practical movement creation, planning, and execution.
  • Making initiatives that are reusable, viable, and adaptable
  • Examining, testing, debugging, and refreshing programming to ensure that apps can be used across all internet browsers.
  • To build a serverless application, you’ll need to use multiple AWS  solutions including API, RDS, and Lambda.
  • Analyzing and evaluating projects in order to keep track of specific concerns and come up with ideas and suggestions.

Future scope for AWS Developers

According to current reports, there will be no actual servers for any web-based application for the next 5-6 years, and everything will be on the cloud. A job in AWS is consistently the best option for picking a cloud platform as there is a tremendous scope in the near future and lucrative career growth as an AWS developer.

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We sincerely hope you found our blog about AWS developer salary in India helpful. These salaries are subject to change. As a result, it is critical for AWS developers to keep their skills up to date by taking courses on AWS. If you’ve worked in the IT industry for a long time and want to advance your career in terms of salary and advancement, and AWS Developer position is an excellent job role to start.